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Golf Simple launches unique all-in-one learning system at 2021 PGA Merchandise Show

(JANUARY 2021) — Golf Simple, a dynamic young golf brand known for its simple, mindful training approach, announces the launch of its all-in-one learning solution and virtual exhibitor showroom at the PGA Merchandise Show Virtual Experience & Marketplace, January 26-29, 2021. Participation in the show comes at a time of tremendous momentum for the brand and the sport of golf, with the need for exercise, well-being, and mindfulness at a premium amid pandemic fatigue and a priority to socially distance and stay healthy. 

Golf Simple is an all-in-one learning solution focused on four key areas of improvement – set-up, swing, routine, and short game. The pro package includes a simple chipper, stability ball, connection bag, short game target, alignment sticks, pocket and digital user guide, portable sportpack, routine scorecard, and unlimited access to the full library of expert coaching videos. The tools are simple to use and the accompanying coaching videos and Golf Simple guide provide easy instruction for training and improving safely on your own anytime, anywhere. 

The program, developed by golf enthusiasts Tim Butler and Robert Becker, and former golf pro, Caleb Marsh, was created to remove barriers to the game, providing simple, straightforward, affordable instruction to golfers of all skill levels. Golf Simple has a growing and enthusiastic following on social media, regularly posting instructional videos and soliciting topic prompts from the golf community.   

“We believe that focusing on the process – not the result – releases your ability to play golf effortlessly,” said Caleb Marsh, Golf Simple Founder and instructor. “Golf has become way too technical,” laments Marsh. “We are passionate about restoring your love of the game by helping you make improvements in distance, accuracy, and consistency swing after swing. It’s simple - the more you improve, the more you will want to play.”

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Golf Simple is a dynamic young golf brand known for its simple, mindful training approach. The system was created to provide easy instruction that is relaxed, affordable, and fun. Learn more at Visit today and save 20% with code PGASHOW. 

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