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Awesome Golf returns to the PGA Show

12 awesome modes offer comprehensive, cost-effective solution for range owners and PGA Pros

UK, 21 January 2021 :  Awesome Golf, the pioneering golf software company, is pleased to announce that it will be returning to The PGA Show this January.  The company launched its gaming software for FlightScope Range and own use simulators at the show in 2020 and has enjoyed such a huge amount of interest in the interim that it is also recruiting! 

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Awesome Golf — iPad | iPhone

The Awesome Golf Range and Awesome Golf Suite have 12 different modes which are innovative, intuitive, imaginative and addictive!  The new ‘Wrecking Balls!’ and ‘Get in the Hole!’, based on the popular app, are unlike anything else on the market, offering players of all abilities and ages the chance to score points and improve their game at the same time.

“The quality of our product speaks for itself.  People love the games and the feedback we get from customers around the world is fantastic,” comments Gavin Hamer, owner and designer of Awesome Golf.  “The most interesting development for us has come thanks to our Driving Range solution.  We are able to install units where other brands can’t.  For instance in golf pods, indoors and in venues with small spaces and short outfields.  We also offer a per bay, lease-to-own pricing structure which is very appealing to range owners.”

AwesomeGolf — Wrecking Balls

Awesome Golf customers enjoy Virtual Golf and unrivalled shot analysis with two different insight screens.  The new coaching mode, which has been designed in conjunction with PGA Professionals, includes an outfield range view so you can see the ball flight and records many different elements including swing plane, smash factor and shot grouping.  Using the FlightScope unit you can also record video of the player in slow motion.

For individual use the offer is fantastic for 2021.  For just £/$199 +£/$10 pcm or £/$349 for a lifetime subscription, users get access to all of the current games, regular updates and support.  If this pricing still isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe the 14 day free trial will show you how Awesome this seriously fun investment is! 

Too book a demo or appointment simply access The PGA Show calendar here:

Awesome Golf will transform your range or simulator.  With games that cater for the leisure market and practice modes which offer unbeatable shot data, Awesome Golf sets new standards. This cost-effective, owned solution is a comprehensive, fun, reliable system which customers of all ages can play. Awesome Golf is the perfect partner for FlightScope products and for a FlightScope Range set-up. Email to arrange a demo. 

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