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Fore Cans, ready-to-drink canned cocktails for golfers, readies for U.S. spring launch

Line will offer easy refreshment choice to accommodate fast play on the course

RICHMOND, VIRIGINA (January 25, 2021) – Golfing will soon become a lot more memorable with the launch of Fore Cans, a canned cocktail line hitting the links this April. With an original intent of presenting the golf cocktail classic, the Transfusion, in a portable, easy-to-grab container, Fore Cans will offer delicious beverage options for those who want to sip during a round without missing a swing.

Fore Cans was born in Richmond, Virginia, seeking to recreate the traditionally mixed Transfusion one might enjoy during buddy trips, “emergency” nine-hole matches, and member guest tournaments.  It was while walking many rounds during the Pandemic of 2020 that the normal go-to of beverage carts and snack bars were temporarily out of operation, leading to an idea about creating a new easier to enjoy version of the Transfusion. Thanks to its simplicity, Fore Cans eliminates the need for slowed-down play caused by golfers having to wait in a line for a mixed beverage, which is often inconsistent in flavor and strength. In addition to the Transfusion, a combination of ginger ale, grape juice, vodka and lime, golfers will soon be able to enjoy a second flavor from Fore Cans called Ranch Water, a refreshing Texas cocktail with tequila, soda water and lime.

“As a passionate golfer, especially one who travels back and forth to play in high humidity locations like South Carolina and Florida, I knew that there needed to be a simpler way to enjoy a cocktail out on the course that wasn’t a heavy beer or a malt-based beverage,” said Turner Lewis, Founder of Fore Cans. “There were no such options at the courses we frequent here in Virginia and throughout the Southeast, so I spent a year developing the flavor and branding for the type of drink that I personally would want to enjoy on and off the course.”

Delivering consistent, authentic flavor with every tab pull, Fore Cans cocktails are made with all-natural and gluten-free ingredients with no added artificial colors or sweeteners. Upon its launch, the product will be available at select golf courses, clubs and driving ranges across the state of Virginia, with sights set on rapid national expansion in the coming months.

“No round of golf is complete without a refreshing beverage, and with Fore Cans the days of fumbling with plastic cups or mixing ingredients together from the beverage cart to achieve the perfect Transfusion will be behind us,” added Lewis. “With its low ABV, Fore Cans will become the perfect complement not just for golfers, but also for those hanging out by the pool or at the beach wanting new canned cocktail options.”

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About Fore Cans
Fore Cans is a ready-to-drink cocktail line created for golfers to enjoy while out on the course and beyond. Designed for an easy sip without slowing down pace of play, Fore Cans extends beyond the traditional beer and malt-based beverage choices typically offered on beverage carts. Available in two delicious flavors, the Transfusion and Ranch Water, the line is 100% natural and gluten-free, with 5% ABV. To learn more about Fore Cans or available distribution opportunities, call 800-471-3778 or visit

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