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Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro Series extended with announcement of additional small batch ‘limited edition’ orders

Today, Tour Edge officially announced the extension of the Exotics EXS Pro Series that was one of the fastest rising models in drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons and wedges on the PGA Tour Champions in 2020.

Launched in June of 2020 and out on tour in late July, these popular tour-inspired clubs that were dubbed “straight from the tour van” were only ordered in limited small batch quantities. 

Only 1000 of each of the EXS Pro Driver, EXS Pro Fairway and EXS Pro Hybrid and 250 sets of the EXS Pro Forged and EXS Blade Irons were originally made available.

“Due to their extreme popularity on tour and in the performance seen in the hands of faster swingers, the EXS Pro Series sold much faster than we had originally anticipated,” said Tour Edge Executive Vice President John Craig. “We’ve sold out of almost everything in the series, and that was much faster than we could have ever predicted.” Due to the fast-moving numbers, Tour Edge has decided that it will extend the entire EXS Pro Series with another round of the same small-batch quantities that were originally rolled out in June. Tour Edge had a record-breaking year in 2020 on Tour, and much of that was due to the popularity of the Exotics EXS Pro Series. Forty-two different professionals chose to play 502 Tour Edge clubs in the 15 events played on the 2020 PGA Tour Champions, helping Tour Edge break their personal best for the total number of clubs in play in a season, despite the shortened season. Up to 20% of the field in a Champions event is now playing Tour Edge. Tour Edge is currently the fastest growing driver brand on the PGA Tour Champions with 74 Exotics drivers put into play by 20 different players in 2020. Thirty-three of those drivers were the EXS Pro Driver.   Tour Edge was once again one of the most played brands in fairways, hybrids and utility irons in 2020, with a wide array of EXS 220 and EXS Pro in play.

Tour Edge

2020 was also a breakthrough year for the company with their irons and wedges in play on Tour. Several complete iron sets of EXS Pro Forged and EXS Blade irons were in play and Tour Edge staffers Scott McCarron and Tim Petrovic have the EXS Blade wedges in play, without being contracted to do so.  With 40 plus wedges in play in the 2020 season club counts, it’s the most wedges Tour Edge has had in play in a season. “There was a ton of buzz around EXS Pro clubs all year, not only on Tour, but in the marketplace,” said Tour Edge Vice President of Marketing Jon Claffey. “There were many reviews naming EXS Pro as the best driver, fairway and hybrid of the year for faster swingers due to the design attributes like the smaller 440-cc driver design, the deeper faces with lower spin rates and penetrating ball flights and anti-left ball flight properties.” The EXS Pro series ranges from $249.99 for the EXS Pro Hybrid, $299.99 for the EXS Pro Fairway Metals and $399.99 for the EXS Pro Driver.   The suggested retail price for the EXS Pro Forged, EXS Blade Iron and EXS Blade Wedges is $149.99 per iron for the stock shafts.

About Tour Edge

In 2021, Tour Edge is celebrating 35 years as a highly renowned and top-selling golf club and bag manufacturer serving the global golf market.

Tour Edge is an American owned and operated company out of Batavia, Illinois that manufactures and sells golf clubs under three distinct sub-brands:

  • Exotics; a tour-preferred line of ultra-premium equipment featuring next-level innovation and materials that is in the bags of over 100 of the world’s top professionals.
  • Hot Launch; the highest level of performance and game improvement innovation design at a mid-tier price point and the #1 custom fitted value in golf.
  • “Get in the Game” products; featuring complete sets for men, women, seniors and juniors, as well as individual drivers, putters, wedges and golf bags designed for casual and beginning golfers on a budget.

The legendary #TeamTourEdge tour staff includes    Tom Lehman, Scott McCarron, Tim Petrovic and Duffy Waldorf. Despite only having these four professionals on staff, over 1,000 Tour Edge clubs have been in play by over 100 different PGA Tour players in the last three seasons.

Tour Edge products have been in play for 22 victories on the PGA Tours, including 10 on the PGA TOUR and 11 on the PGA TOUR Champions.

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