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Golftec launches Skills Challenge – a revolutionary, fun and addictive system for students

(Denver, CO) GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf improvement and club fitting, announced a revolutionary new service for students looking to focus lesson time for effective, lasting improvement – Skills Challenge.

A Skills Challenge provides a unique, fun and addictive way to test yourself against your own swing improvement goals with real results. Skills Challenge looks at different metrics including distance and accuracy from different distances and using all the clubs in your bag to measure your improvement and provide a score to benchmark against. Since launching, over 12,000 Skills Challenges have been taken by GOLFTEC students!

“We’re really excited to be releasing Skills Challenge,” said Nick Clearwater, Vice President of Instruction and a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher in America. “Not only is it truly fun for the student, but more importantly, it provides another tool for our Coaches to be able to focus in a student’s instruction and identify opportunities to help people get better faster. You can complete a Skills Challenge in a regular 30-minute golf lesson with your Coach and see where you are in your improvement journey in a completely new, and fun, way.”

But, a Skills Challenge goes beyond instruction and focused practice, taking it to the next level with an exciting feature: competition. Golfers love competition, it’s one of the reasons they play this game, and there’s nothing better than bragging rights. So, not only are students testing against themselves, they’ll be competing against other students in their Training Center, and in other Centers across the world, via local and global Leaderboards.

Tracking progress with a Skills Challenge is done through GOLFTEC’s CLUBHOUSE App and website, available for iOS and Android devices, as well as in all major web browsers. Leaderboards with rankings and detailed breakdowns of personal progress and scores are all represented within CLUBHOUSE.

Since 1995, GOLFTEC’s mission has remained the same—to help people play better golf. The GOLFTEC experience is built to offer a place where golfers of all ages and ability levels can work with an expert in golf instruction to build a game improvement plan customized to their specific needs and goals. And with the aid of technology that gives our students and coaches instant and data-driven feedback, we’re helping people find their potential in ways that accelerate the improvement journey. With millions of lessons given and more than 200 locations across the world, GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf instruction.

Patrick Hester