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Payntr Golf makes its debut in the golf industry with the launch of its new performance footwear

Founded by two sports performance footwear experts, Payntr Golf is guided by the principle: Performance multiplied

PORTLAND, Ore, February 16, 2021 - Sports performance footwear experts PAYNTR has entered the golf industry with the debut of the PAYNTR X 001 F golf shoe, giving golfers a competitive advantage from the ground up by utilizing a unique traction system born out of biomechanical insights.

The exciting entrance of this new golf brand is the result of a dynamic partnership between PAYNTR GOLF co-founders David Paynter and Mike Forsey. Paynter is a former professional cricketer who created the successful PAYNTR performance athletic footwear company in the U.K., and Forsey is a U.S. based golf footwear expert with more than 30 years' experience in the global arena.

Forsey led the technology team that has developed the brand’s debut product -- the PAYNTR X 001 F. The shoe fuses together a series of contrasting elements to allow golfers to optimize and harness the power in their swing – what PAYNTR labels the Performance Multiplied innovation ethos. Force x Velocity = Power.

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"PAYNTR is giving golfers a traction advantage. The shoe amplifies the golfer's ability to use the ground as leverage and generate more power to the ball," said Forsey. "PAYNTR sees the golf shoe as golf equipment. Just as ball and clubhead speed are critical to performance, so is harnessing the power from the ground up in our feet. If you think about it, your foot and your shoe are the only things that are in contact with the ground. So, your shoe has to give you support, energy return, comfort, be waterproof and lightweight. We believe we achieved each of those things in the X 001 F."

To further detail the Performance Multiplied innovation ethos, the shoe combines four key players: Performance Enhancing Traction System; All-Day Comfort; Explosive Propulsion; and Waterproofing.

• Performance Enhancing Traction System is a 3D traction system that entails rotational, horizontal, and vertical dimension:

— RotationalDimension: A llightweight supportive "ThermoplasticUrethane" (TPU) Outsole is specifically designed with traction nubs in the medial forefoot and lateral heel to prevent rotational slippage.

— HorizontalDimension: The Dual Durometer Midsole supports the horizontal weight shift with its firmer Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) in lateral heel and medial forefoot to enhance flexibility and keep the foot down on the ground as long as possible; there is a softer EVA in the lateral and medial heel.

— VerticalDimension: A Responsive Graphite Power Plate/Midsole Cavity provides a responsive energy return that allows golfers to harness ground reaction forces during the golf swing.

  • Holistic Comfort – A lightweight breathable upper, soft and supportive underfoot cushioning, combined with a PMX (Performance Multiplied) FOAM midsole provides all-day comfort and zonal specific support for the golf swing. A vented tongue wicks perspiration away from the foot.
  • Explosive Propulsion – An articulated TPU outsole and zonally engineered PMX FOAM midsole house a lightweight responsive graphite power plate that helps deliver golfers maximum energy return to more effectively generate ground reaction force.
  • Waterproof – Beading water directly off the shoe in wet conditions, the Payntr X 001 F is treated with a superhydrophobic NeverWet® solution.

The PAYNTR X 001 F is available starting March 1 at and at $160.00 and £120, respectively. It comes in three colorways: classic white; cool grey; and anthracite black, which features an engineered, woven jacquard upper.

Based in Portland, Oregon, PAYNTR GOLF designs, markets and distributes golf footwear and accessories created to enhance the performance of the golfer. Founded by two long-time sports performance footwear experts, David Paynter and Mike Forsey, PAYNTR GOLF is guided by the principle, "Performance Multiplied," whereby it innovates by taking contrasting elements and multiplying them to get a solution. PAYNTR GOLF products are available in the U.S. and the UK at and, respectively.