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Silvies Valley Ranch announces addition of 18-hole reversible putting course

Dan Hixson-designed concept adds fresh new element to world-class golf offerings available at the Ranch

SILVIES, Oregon – February 23, 2021 – The Links at Silvies Valley Ranch announced today the construction of an 18-hole, reversible putting course that will enhance the playing experience for golfers of all levels. The putting course, which is expected to open in mid-June of 2021, will be free to all resort guests and paying players. Silvies, a 140,000 acre eco-resort featuring four stand-alone award-winning golf experiences, will open its golf season this May. 

The new putting course is the brainchild of golf course designer Dan Hixson, who is responsible for the resort’s 18-hole designs, Craddock and Hankins, which were named among the top four best new golf courses to open in 2018 by Golf Digest

“Silvies Valley Ranch is known for its commitment to sustainability, and letting the natural beauty and unique terrain of the Oregon frontier serve as the blueprint for each new development on the property,” said Hixson. “I knew that the design for this special putting course would have to measure up to that Silvies Valley standard, which is something that players from all over have come to expect here at the ranch. ”

Recognized by Golfweek, Golf Digest, GOLF Magazine and Golf Inc. for its innovative approach to the golf experience, Silvies boasts both quality golf as well as the opportunity to connect with the land on a deeper level . In addition to golf, guests can enjoy a variety of ranch activities, including horseback riding, shooting, fishing, hiking, cattle feeding and goat herding. The property features luxurious Western-inspired accommodations, farm-to-table dining options, an extensive Scotch collection, and one of the largest spas in Oregon, making the boutique eco-resort a must-see destination.

The 20201 season will see the return of the world famous Silvies Valley Ranch goat caddies, which carry special-made bags to hold clubs, balls and course refreshments. Goat caddies are available to assist players on both of the Hixson-designed short courses at the property – McVeigh’s Gauntlet, the 7-hole challenge course, and Chief Egan, the 9-hole par-3 course. 

“Guests from all over and all levels of play continue to be blown away by our course offerings here at SIlvies, which is why we are committed to the continuous expansion and improvement of our golf offerings,” said Sean Hoolehan, Silvies golf course superintendent. “This state of the art putting course will be the perfect complement to our current golf facilities, and we cannot wait for our guests to experience it.”

For more information on Silvies Valley Ranch or to book your retreat, please call 1-800-SILVIES (745-8437), email or visit

About The Retreat, Links and Spa at Silvies Valley Ranch
The Retreat, Links and Spa at Silvies Valley Ranch is a boutique 34-room eco-resort, complete with luxurious accommodations, fine dining, a conference center, full-service fitness center and spa. The property offers an award-winning golf experience for players of all skill levels, with two reversible 18-hole courses – the Hankins and Craddock Courses – McVeigh’s Gauntlet, a stunning 7-hole ridge course, and Chief Egan, a mountain meadow 9-hole par-3 course. Merging lodge and spa amenities with an amazing, diverse golf experience, intertwined with an authentic Western ranch, Silvies Valley Ranch is the ultimate Western luxury retreat. Each and every stay brings the experience of a lifetime - visit and be Simply Amazed.

Silvies Valley Ranch, founded in 1883, is an ecologically sustainable Western livestock ranch and guest retreat with abundant herds of healthy wildlife, cattle and goats. In many ways, it sets the standard for sustainable ranching and environmental practices. Made up of 150,000 acres of deeded and leased National Forest lands in and surrounding Silvies Valley, Oregon, the property is home to countless wildlife species, mountain meadows, Ponderosa Pine forest, the Silvies River, and 12 other creeks and streams.

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