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Honma TR20 driver singled out for Best Forgiveness in MyGolfSpy’s 'Most Wanted' testing for second-straight year

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA – Honma is pleased to share that the TR20 460 driver has been recognized for the second consecutive year as MyGolfSpy’s Best Forgiveness driver in their annual Most Wanted Driver awards. The independent club test award attests to the advanced technology of Honma’s beautifully-crafted products that are designed for a wide range of golfers.

The Japanese company, with more than 60 years in the golf equipment business, continues to build upon their time-honored reputation of designing elegant clubs. The TR20 driver, TR21 family of clubs, and the new GS products are expanding the Honma brand as an OEM utilizing state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge materials to bring out the performance and beauty into an unprecedented design. Being recognized by MyGolfSpy continues to support Honma’s impact within the industry.

Honma TR20_460

About TR20 460cc Driver The TR20’s refined beauty makes a bold impression but it’s the combination of speed, feel, and forgiveness that are fueling the line’s growing reputation.

The TR20’s TiCarbon Fast Frame combines an ultra-thin, ultra-light and uniquely molded ET40 carbon crown from Toray Composites (the world's leading manufacturer of PAN-based carbon fibers used in a variety of applications like aerospace and aeronautics) with a lightweight carbon sole on a highly engineered titanium frame that locates weight and structure exactly where they are needed for speed. A unique variable thickness and vertical groove face saves weight and works with the Ti frame and carbon body to deliver even more ball speed. Three adjustable weights are strategically located to optimize the CG location for high MOI, low spin or draw biased performance allowing the golfer to achieve their optimum launch conditions and preferred ball flight.

TR20 460cc model comes in base lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees that can be adjusted up or down by one degree through a patented, non-rotating hosel system that adjusts both loft and lie while keeping the optimized shaft spine in a consistent position for every adjustable setting for more consistent performance. Three strategically-located and adjustable sole weights to provide flight and playability preference for increased MOI, reduced spin, or more draw bias.

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About Honma Golf
Honma is one of the most prestigious and iconic brands in the golf industry. Founded in 1959, the Company utilizes the latest innovative technologies and traditional Japanese craftsmanship to provide golfers across the globe with premium, high-tech and top-performing golf clubs with state-of-the-art heads and proprietary shafts built by master artisans to perform together holistically. Renowned for creating the world’s highest quality and most beautiful golf clubs, Honma offers equipment (including balls, apparel and accessories) to fit all golfers, with the families aligned to suit the preferences and abilities of various segments of golfers: the world-renowned luxury BERES series and the Tour-validated lines which includes the new game improvement T//World GS line and the Tour-inspired TR series. 

The premium golf club manufacturer and lifestyle brand was founded inside a small Yokohama workshop six decades ago and now holistically designs all products in Sakata, Japan. Honma operates as the only company that handles every step from design to final production in-house to create the highest-quality products on the market today. Honma's products are sold in approximately 50 countries worldwide, primarily in Asia and across North America, Europe and other regions. To learn more, visit

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