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The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America (PGTAA) graduates are invited to apply with GolfTec for teaching positions

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March 4, 2021 By PGTAA President Dr. Barry Lotz

Want to Become a Certified Professional Golf Teacher?

2020 has been an exceptional year for golf, especially during the Covid pandemic and opportunities for golf teachers abound. Golf participation has boomed, as people are tired of binging on Netflix and walking or jogging in their neighborhoods.  Many Americans appear to see golf as a great escape.

Golf involves acres of outdoor space, thereby offering natural social distancing, and by having the ability to control the flow of golfers by advanced booking tee times, makes golf highly desirable.

With the influx of so many new and existing golfers participating, a 60% increase in rounds played over last year has been noted. This has led to the demand for golf lessons and teachers to fulfill the demand.

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America – the PGTAA, gives its students a unique and competitive edge in the golf teaching domain.

The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America - the PGTAA, now in its 24th year of operation, is a unique organization that offers more than any other golf teaching school. What is it that makes this organization's course unique? It gives its graduates real-life skills and experience that they can use when they enter the world of professional golf. It emphasizes teaching golf, as well as other organizational tasks and golf basics, so that they can earn a good living in their chosen field.

While the PGA and LPGA give their graduates general golf skills such as how to run a golf organization, organizing golf tournaments, how to run a golf shop, maintenance and organization of parties, the PGTAA is unique because it offers 100% instruction on learning how to teach golf and making an excellent living in the golf teaching profession.

The PGTAA has a reputation throughout the golf world for the high quality of their graduates. Its graduates have gone on to become Directors of Golf, Tournament Directors, Head Teaching Professionals and University Golf Directors in major golf instruction organizations in Europe, Canada, Asia, Mexico, the United States and Africa.

PGTAA graduates have also found positions at various golf related operations, including schools, universities, golf retailers, country clubs, driving ranges, teaching schools such as the Dave Pelz Short Game School. Topgolf, Roger Dunn Golf Stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods, GolfTec, and many of the major golf companies are additional employment sources for PGTAA graduates.

With GolfTec’ accelerated worldwide expansion program, now with over 200 locations, the need for qualified and certified teachers is increasing monthly. PGTAA graduates are invited to apply for teaching positions with GolfTec at

Graduates include the likes of Mark Immelman, the Columbus State University Golf Coach and coach to three Tour players, former PGA Tour players Brenden Pappas and Scott Gardiner both at  Paradise Valley Athletic Club in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Belen Mozo, a former LPGA player, Jon Mahanna, the Director of Golf at Angel Fire Resort in New Mexico, Mark Hammons the GM and Head Professional at Las Barrancas Golf Complex in Yuma, Arizona, Mike Kletz, the Director of Golf at Huddle Park Golf Club in South Africa, Aubrey Daniel at Bahrain’s most exclusive Golf Club, Will Goodreu at the Marble Island Golf Academy and Glen McCartney, the assistant golf coach at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania for the women’s golf team and Patrick Parrish, formerly of  Pebble Beach Academy, Poppy Hills and Nicklaus Club Monterey.

Other PGTAA graduates have also gone on to teach at well-known resorts such as Torrey Pines, Westin Roco Ki Beach & Golf Resort, Houghton Golf Club in South Africa, and many more.

The PTGAA's edge comes from its unique and detailed curriculum. It includes mastery of the game of golf - both the technical aspects of the game as well as mental aspects, which are just as powerful in determining success. The real uniqueness of the course comes from its emphasis on teaching golf, organizational skills and marketing skills.

The PGTAA is the original originator of the Home Study course and the optional Onsite course for PGTAA graduates. The optional onsite course is available ONLY to PGTAA graduates.

The Onsite course offers those PGTAA graduates an opportunity to receive face-to-face instruction by seasoned PGTAA and PGA professionals, to the use of cutting edge technology such as Trackman and Flightscope, and are able to cement their teaching skills. The Onsite course, in and of itself, is not a requirement for PGTAA certification. Certification is only through the Home Study course.

The Onsite course is taught by PGTAA, PGA and LPGA instructors. Attendees work with actual students, receive constructive advice, learn new teaching techniques and usage of teaching tools thereby improving and fortifying their teaching skills.

Both the home study and on site modules contain detailed and current teaching materials, marketing trends, information relating to teaching golf, and resources to help graduates find a good job after completing their studies, as well as skills to help them market their abilities in the real world.

On site courses are held throughout the year at different locations in the USA and internationally.

Finally, the PGTAA is known as an institution with a high level of integrity. Unlike other schools that force enrollment to pay their high advertising costs, the PGTAA only encourages and accepts enrollment by students who are interested in taking their careers to a new level and who possess both excellent communication and golf skills.

Admission to the PGTAA is via a telephone interview to ascertain the fitness of a prospective student and their aforementioned skills. The PGTAA course also doesn't have "levels" that force students to take additional courses in order to graduate. The PGTAA offers simply one intensive, no-time limit to complete course, and upon successful completion thereof, the certification as a Class “A” PGTAA Master Teaching Professional is awarded. Unlike many other teaching institutions, yearly dues are just $100.

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The PGTAA is a quality school that offers a course of study you won't find anywhere else. While the PGA and LPGA teach players to improve their golf skills to the highest level, the PGTAA goes one step further by teaching career skills to get your golfing career going. In fact, the PGA and USGA have been known to refer prospective students who do not or cannot enroll in their programs, for whatever reason, to the PGTAA. This speaks to the quality and credibility of the PGTAA. It is truly a unique, high-quality program that educates, supports, inspires and challenges each and every student.

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