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Miura now offering matte black finish for irons & wedges

Combining style and substance, the glare-free finish is treated to resist fading

Scottsdale, AZ (March 9, 2021) — For those who love the simple yet stunning look of black, legendary Miura irons just got even more irresistible. 

Long known for quality and craftsmanship in both look and feel, Japanese clubmaker Miura Golf today introduced a new matte black finish to its lineup of irons and wedges. Miura now offers the MB-101, TC-201, CB-301, and MC-501 as well as the forged K-Grind 2.0, Milled Wedge and Tour Wedge HB in a striking, yet durable, black finish that retains every element of Miura beauty and design. 

Miura Golf — Black Matte [2]

The new matte black finish offers a visually stunning alternative to the renowned Miura satin chrome finish.

Using the specialized Quench, Polish, Quench (QPQ) manufacturing process, Miura is able to produce a black finish that retains its elegant matte look over time. The QPQ process creates an extremely thin layer of iron oxide on the exterior. This three-step process leaves the club with a heightened durability and groove life. The black finish also contributes to a glare-free address.

“We’re excited to introduce this striking new option for all of our fully forged irons,” CEO of Miura Golf Hoyt McGarity said. “We’ve gone through extensive testing to ensure we’re using a durable treatment that doesn’t wear off over time. Miura has never sacrificed substance for style, and by using the QPQ process, we’re able to offer this eye-catching look that will never lose its luster.” 

Miura Golf — Black Matte [1]

Miura has long been known for producing exceptional clubs that visually and viscerally delight golf purists. Created from a commitment to precision and perfection by Katsuhiro Miura several decades ago, the proprietary three-strike forging process enables Miura clubs to be a league above any other on the market: forged for accuracy, bounce, speed, and impact. Every forged Miura club treated with the matte black finish retains the legendary feel of Miura craftsmanship.

About Miura Golf
Miura Golf makes the world's finest forged golf clubs, which are designed and manufactured by the Miura family in their factory in Himeji, Japan. The entire family works hands-on in the factory and continues to carry on the Miura legacy. World-renowned craftsman Katsuhiro Miura began hand-crafting and grinding irons in 1957 and has created one of the most-respected brands in the golf industry. Miura's endless quest for the perfect club has brought to the world more than 10 product series, a number that grows as the next generation of the Miura family – led by sons Shinei and Yoshitaka – continue their meticulous refinement and evolution of product lines. Each club is individually handcrafted and will never be mass-produced, as generations of steel-making skill and passion bring us the world's finest golf clubs.

About 8AM Golf
Miura Golf is a part of the 8AM Golf family. 8AM Golf was created by golf entrepreneur and GOLF publisher Howard Milstein as the holding company that oversees his golf companies—all of which are dedicated to helping golfers at every level enjoy the game more. In addition to Miura Golf, other 8AM Golf companies include GOLF Magazine and; the Nicklaus Companies (in partnership with Jack Nicklaus); True Spec Golf, a brand-agnostic club-fitting company that has fit more than 30,000 golfers worldwide; GolfLogix, the most-downloaded GPS app in golf; Club Conex, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of adjustable golf club adapter systems; and, Chirp, a free-to-play gaming app that lets you compete with friends by wagering on the outcome of pro golf tournaments, rounds, and shots.

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