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More Golf’s game-changing ModTM/1 irons now available in the U.S.


JACKSON, MICHIGAN -- New ultra-premium, American-made golf equipment manufacturer MORE GOLF is shattering the limits of performance and playability with the official launch of its MODTM/1 IRONS at select club fitters in the United States.

With bold engineering that’s Different By DesignTM, MODTM/1 IRONS offer golfers never-before seen technologies that allow them to Expect MoreTM from their golf clubs.

Every MODTM/1 IRON is created with a fully modular construction that’s 100% Billet-Milled and 100% Made in the USA. It’s a radical shift in performance and precision that golfers will only understand once they experience it.

“To create the MODTM/1 IRONS, we literally exploded the iron into its most essential parts and put it back together in a better way,” says MORE GOLF Founder and Designer Bruce Sizemore. “We spent more than five years developing these first-of-their-kind technologies that will bring golfers more of everything they’ve always wanted in their game.”



MODTM/1 IRONS are the first and only irons to offer golfers a three-piece modular construction that allows every player to optimize their iron set in new ways. Their fully modular construction includes interchangeable hosels and flanges that make it possible for golfers to mix and match the components of each iron to their individual swing characteristics.

“No longer will golfers have to adjust to their irons,” Sizemore says. “Their irons will adjust to them.”



MODTM/1 IRONS bring a paradigm-shifting level of playability with an industry-first hosel design that maximizes the stability of the club head through its unique ultra-lightweight construction and placement.

Unlike traditional irons, which have a hosel placement at the bottom of the club, the hosels of the MODTM/1 IRONS attach up and in on the clubface to align the shaft axis toward the center of the clubface. This maximizes the stability of the clubface during the swing, resulting in an iron that does not want to open or close during the swing.



The hosels of the MODTM/1 IRONS are crafted from an Aerospace Alloy with a near-weightless construction to maximize the weight of the club face, delivering improved distance and forgiveness without the inconsistencies of thin-faced distance irons.

MORE GOLF uses raw 303 Stainless Steel to craft the Face Plates and Flanges of the MODTM/1 IRONS -- the same material used to create golf’s finest milled putters -- creating a pure, solid feel not found in any other iron. 

Like all MODTM/1 components, the Face Plates and Flanges start as a solid block of material before they are 100% Billet Milled to their final shape. There is no hand finishing or polishing required due to the precision of the 100% Billet-Milling process.

“Golfers assume that a three-piece iron has to feel harsh at impact, but tour players tell us that it’s the exact opposite,” Sizemore says. “Because we’re using the best materials and leveraging them in their purest form, MODTM/1 irons actually feel softer than a premium forged iron.”



MODTM/1 IRONS (available 4-10) sell for $427 per assembled club head with OBAN CT Series steel shafts.

They are currently available at 23 Authorized Fitting locations across the U.S. including select Club Champion locations.

MORE GOLF is helping golfers reimagine their game with a modular approach that creates new possibilities.

The Jackson, Michigan-based start-up is developing the only full lineup of 100% American-made golf clubs. With 10 industry-first technologies, MORE GOLF is poised to change the way golfers think about their games.

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