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The future of wedges has arrived with ModTM/1 wedges from More Golf


JACKSON, MICHIGAN -- MORE GOLF has set a new standard of performance and customization with the release of its all-new MODTM/1 WEDGES that are now available at select retailers in the U.S.

“With the MODTM/1 WEDGES, we’re advancing the wedge category with a three-piece modular construction that unlocks the highest level of precision and fitting capabilities,” says MORE GOLF Founder and Designer Bruce Sizemore. “We’ve decoupled each individual aspect of the wedge to bring golfers the most playable and adjustable wedge to date.”



MODTM/1 WEDGES are 100% Billet-Milled and 100% Made in the USA to offer golfers the highest level of precision. The three-piece construction includes a near-weightless Aerospace Alloy Hosel that removes approximately 50 grams of weight from the hosel when compared to conventional wedge designs.

“Golf equipment companies promote weight savings of a few grams here or there, which is almost undetectable by even the most skilled golfers,” Sizemore says. “With our modular Aerospace Alloy Hosels, we were able to remove 50 grams of weight from the hosel and put it in the club head where it helps create the low-launching, high-spinning wedge shots every golfer dreams of while maximizing consistency on off-center hits.”

The placement of the hosel design is just as important as its weight savings. It is positioned up and in on the club face to improve the stability of the club face during the swing. The club face will not want to open or close during the swing due to this unique design.

The up-and-in placement of the hosel also minimizes the turf drag that’s typical from conventional wedges -- particularly on shots from the rough.



MODTM/1 WEDGES offer golfers the choice of six different flange options: Universal (U), Wide (W), and Narrow (N) -- each of which are available in a standard “down” position and an “up” position for those seeking a reduced bounce angle profile. This is a breakthrough in wedge fitting that allows each wedge to adapt to different swing styles and course conditions without changing anything else about the club.

“With our modular, adjustable flanges, the only limit to a golfer’s creativity is their imagination,” Sizemore says. “Each of our flange designs has been developed with the feedback of tour players and regular golfers to create ideal turf interaction with any swing and from any lie.”

The Universal Flange is available for lofts of 50, 52, and 54 degree wedges. The Narrow and Wide Flanges are available for lofts of 54, 56, 58, and 60 degree wedges.

Each features a heavily cambered sole to maintain top performance on shots from sidehill lies and a three-tiered sole geometry that makes it possible for golfers to execute a wide range of short game shots without compromise. 



Most wedges generate a ton of spin when they’re new. But as they wear, spin diminishes. This has meant that golfers need to buy an entirely new wedge, but not with MODTM/1 WEDGES.

In testing with tour players, MODTM/1 WEDGES have been proven to last 2-3 times longer than their other wedges due to PEAK SPINTM, a 100% Billet-Milled, machined-in face pattern with more than 1,000 Micropeaks that grip the cover of the golf ball at impact to maintain high spin on shots from 60 yards and in.

PEAK SPINTM Face Plates and all other components of MODTM/1 WEDGES can also be replaced as they wear over time, allowing golfers to keep the components they know and love while adding new components that perform exactly like the old ones did when they were new.


MODTM/1 WEDGES sell for $427 per assembled club head with OBAN CT Series steel wedge shafts and are available in lofts of 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.

They are currently available at 24 Authorized Fitting locations across the U.S. including select Club Champion locations.

MORE GOLF is helping golfers reimagine their game with a modular approach that creates new possibilities.

The Jackson, Michigan-based start-up is developing the only full lineup of 100% American-made golf clubs. With 10 industry-first technologies, MORE GOLF is poised to change the way golfers think about their games.

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