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More Golf releases fully adjustable MODTM/1 Putters: Render and Proof


JACKSON, MICHIGAN -- New Michigan-based golf equipment manufacturer MORE GOLF has launched its first two ultra-premium putters -- RENDER and PROOF -- at select locations in the U.S.

With RENDERTM and PROOFTM, MORE GOLF has reimagined what’s possible in a blade- and mallet-style putter. Each putter is 100% Billet-Milled and 100% Made In The USA.

The PUTTERS feature a revolutionary fitting system that allows for up to four different neck styles, as well as a first-of-its-kind PEAK ROLLTM machined-in face pattern with more than 1,000 Micropeaks that encourage a consistent forward roll on putts of all lengths.


1,000+ Micropeaks.png

“In my career, I’ve designed putters that have been used by more than 100 tour players and I can say without question that these are my finest putters to date,” says MORE GOLF Founder and Designer Bruce Sizemore. “Each offers a truly unique design that is easy to aim correctly and creates an effortless end-over-end roll.”



RENDER is an unmistakable blade that renders the emotions of both a blade and a mallet putter Like all MORE GOLF putters, its design was first hand-carved from wax to achieve distinct geometries not usually seen in blade putters.

Render’s flanges slope inward from the toe and heel to create an Alignment Pocket that is wide and symmetrical for easy alignment without losing its softness and elegance.

The logo area of the putter cavity is also slightly visible at address, offering golfers an extra alignment feature that’s particularly effective on short putts.

It’s available in four modular neck styles -- Classic, Inline, Mid-Straight, and Mid-Curve -- that can be easily adjusted to offer golfers the perfect neck style for their stroke. The putter head weighs between 340-350 grams depending on neck style.



“PROOF” was the first MORE GOLF putter to prove the merits of a fully modular putter.

With a crescent-shaped alignment aid, Proof brings a golfer’s full attention to the Alignment Pocket and gives the impression of forward motion in a static position.

Golfers will be amazed at how easy it is to square the face with this putter. And should they miss the center of the face, they can rely on this high-MOI design to forgive their miscue.

PROOF’s 5-piece 100% Billet-Milled construction is available with two neck placement options -- a top-line position with a straight shaft and a heel-amounted position with a single-bend shaft. The putter head weighs 352 grams in both configurations.

MODTM/1 PUTTERS sell for $467 per assembled club head with OBAN CT 120 putter shafts.

They are currently available at 24 Authorized Fitting locations across the U.S. including select Club Champion locations. To locate a fitter near you, visit

MORE GOLF is helping golfers reimagine their game with a modular approach that creates new possibilities.

The Jackson, Michigan-based start-up is developing the only full lineup of 100% American-made golf clubs. With 10 industry-first technologies, MORE GOLF is poised to change the way golfers think about their games.

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