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DriveForce releases DF-18, the ideal pre-round performance blend for golfers

BOSTON, MASS. – DriveForce, a newly formed sports nutrition company specializing in creating functional health products, is proud to introduce DF-18, a premium pre-round performance blend that sustains a golfer’s focus, hydration, and stamina for hours while playing golf. The innovative powdered formula, available in single-serving packets, contains no added sugar or caffeine, but rather a multitude of health promoting ingredients designed to be mixed with a bottle of water and consumed before a round. 

DriveForce co-founder Zach Williams dove into the world of fitness and nutrition after a health scare three years ago and developed a passion for helping others through a targeted application of functional sports nutrition. Wanting to turn that passion into a business, Williams searched for an opportunity and discovered a void in the golf space. Using all he had learned and practiced, he began designing a formula to address specifically the wear and tear of playing a round of golf.


“For a game that has evolved where golfers are now training like athletes in other sports, it was shocking to discover how little was being done for them in this area. DF-18 is about bringing golf into the 21st century of sports nutrition,” said Williams. “DF-18 came together in pieces. First it needed to sustain player hydration, then provide focus and calm without over-stimulation. After that, it needed to reduce fatigue and support their cardiovascular system and finally, it needed to do all this across a four to six-hour period during a round of golf in a single serving.” 

Williams, alongside fellow Co-founders, Caleb Williams (brother) and Chris Michaud, together with more than a dozen LPGA/PGA professionals, amateurs, and instructors – including LPGA pro Alison Walshe and 2021 New England PGA Teacher of the Year Adam Kolloff – refined the formula, and DF-18 was ready. “After nearly a year of work, we’re happy to say that we’ve created a first-of-its-kind product. Its healthy ingredients are designed for all levels of golfers and approved by golf professionals.” 

While playing on tour, Walshe was an early adopter and big believer in DF-18 since the beginning. “This product’s the real deal,” she said. “I took DF-18 before competing and it was unbelievable. Whether I’m playing, practicing or just doing my regular everyday activities, I genuinely notice that I feel a lot more clarity and energy, more hydrated, and I’m not always searching for coffee like I was before. What’s really cool is I only need to drink it once to feel the benefits for a good portion of my day. Even the information from my Whoop recovery data correlated positively with my DF-18!  It just makes me feel right.” 

Kolloff, the owner and head PGA instructor at Pure Drive Golf near Boston, wasn’t sure at first about the idea of a performance supplement to help his game, but was won over after one serving. “I was hard on them at first, but they insisted what they had was innovative, so I decided to try it,” he said. “I teach all day and first tried it before a full day of lessons. I felt more focused throughout the day and with all my lessons, and that I didn’t need my coffee like usual. I started replacing my morning coffee with it -- and then started taking it in the afternoons as well. It gave me energy, made me feel calmer, and I felt better hydrated. Once I noticed that my Whoop recovery data tended to improve on days I took DF-18, that was it. In golf, when you feel better and less fatigued, you feel more focused, you don't lose your swing, and can maintain your rhythm and swing mechanics for the day. I can see DF-18 helping all golfers do that in a profound way.”

DF-18 is a convenient daily sports nutrition solution and pre-round performance blend. In addition to helping golfers focus and maintain their stamina and hydration during the round, DF-18 supports a healthy immune system, and by increasing the supply of nitric oxide in the body, may help regulate healthy blood flow and blood pressure, and a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

DF-18 is now available in Pineapple Passion Fruit, with more flavors to come, and costs $3.99 for a 20-gram packet. To purchase DF-18 and to see what customers are already saying about the new performance blend, visit

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About DriveForce 
DriveForce (DF) was founded by a team of passionate innovators with a shared interest in sports nutrition and designing functional nutritious products. The brand's flagship product, DF-18, is golf’s first premium pre-round performance blend. It was designed to support 4-6 hours of playing a competitive or leisurely round of golf and developed with the help and approval of more than a dozen PGA/LPGA professionals, amateurs, and instructors.

The DF-18 formula helps players fortify themselves against hours of play in the sun, while maintaining stamina and focus. The powdered formula is sold in a convenient rip packet and meant to be mixed with water and consumed before the start of a round. In addition, it is a health-food product that may improve heart and cardiovascular health, while supporting a healthy immune system and general sense of well-being. In this sense, DF-18 is designed to support a person both on-and-off the golf course. Visit

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