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Gary Player tells Imagine Golf subscribers the mental game is more important for winning majors than distance

This week, on the eve of the Open Championship at Royal St Georges Golf Club, Gary Player is sharing his top tips for winning golf tournaments with subscribers to the Imagine Golf app. As part of Player’s takeover of the Imagine Golf app’s Daily Drive series, Player spoke in detail about what it takes to win major championships. The nine-time major winner said, “When will we realize that hitting the ball a long way is an asset, but it’s not the answer to winning golf tournaments. What wins a golf tournament is the mind.”

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Player is the latest golf personality to lend his voice to golf’s #1 app for the mental game. In the Imagine Golf app, subscribers can enjoy short daily audio lessons focussed on improving performance on the course. This week, Player has used the opportunity to share his beliefs on why the mental game is so important to winning.

Player added to his comments about distance saying, “All I hear about nowadays, it doesn’t matter if it’s a pro golfer or someone with great knowledge about the game is how far so and so hits the ball...What I’ve noticed playing with people like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, and Arnold Palmer is you’ve got to have the right mindset.”

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Player elaborates further on the winning mindset for majors in his lessons. Speaking about his will to win on the biggest stages he says, “The one thing I never did in a golf tournament was choke. I didn’t always win the tournament, I finished second in seven majors, but I didn’t choke. It’s because of my mindset.” Player added, “The difference between being a great swinger of the club and a great player lies between the ears. It’s in the mind.”

As a three-time winner of the Open Championship, Player doesn’t shy away from pointing out why so many top players never get the job done on the grandest stages. He said in his Imagine Golf lesson, “One of the most difficult things to do in golf is lead a golf tournament. If you are a gambler, just bet against the leader not winning and you’ll make money. The reason the leader doesn’t win is because his mind is not set right for the day.”

Player further recalled the difference between his approach and that of many other competitors. He said, “A lot of guys say ‘I really believe I’m the best in the world,’ but they get on the first tee at the Open and now it’s a different story. The pressure is there and something happens. They don’t really believe. But the superstars actually genuinely believe they are the best. When I played against Jack Nicklaus I never ever thought he could beat me. To win you’ve got to believe in yourself.”

Golfers can download the Imagine Golf app to hear Gary Player’s full seven-day course of audio lessons on the mental game. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

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