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V1 Sports facility services can help coaches build, refurbish or upgrade golf instruction studios

Get a free golf facility evaluation through September

Novi, MI -  V1 Sports, developers of the leading video analysis, ground pressure, and stat tracking technologies also offers expert facility services that help coaches build, refurbish or upgrade golf instruction studios. With a larger sales, service and support team in place, the company has been expanding its efforts in golf facility consultation and project management services. V1 video and pressure technology can work standalone or be paired with existing or new launch monitor and simulator technology to create a world class experience for your students.

"We understand many instructors and facility operators are busy and need help to improve their current teaching studios," says V1 Sports Chief Revenue Officer Chris McGinley.  "V1 has vast experience and many installs under our belt to help from a ground up design and build, to converting an existing studio or space into an important teaching and business asset.”


Through September, owners and operators can get a free professional evaluation ($500 value) of their golf facility from V1’s team of experts. This offer includes a one-on-one session to discuss their goals, how they teach, and what kind of experience they want to provide students and athletes. V1 Sports will provide guidance, best practices, information on facility services offering including new studio design and build, existing studio refurb, or conversion of space into a teaching area. “Whether you’re in the beginning or planning stages of building or you just want to upgrade your technology to improve video capture and ground pressure data, we can help you save time, money and frustration,” says McGinley. “And we’ll even give you $500 credit towards hardware when you spend $5,000 or more.”

This consultation helps facilities save time, money, and frustration; avoid costly mistakes and delays; optimize budget and reduce costs; maximize available space; and identify hidden opportunities for upgrades or improvements. 

Consider the case at Denton Country Club in Argyle, Texas. The staff there recently coordinated closely with the V1 Sports team to fine-tune the design and functionality of its new teaching studio. “The V1 Sports team conceptualized everything and was along the whole journey, going way beyond just the video products in every phase,” says Craig Trahan, the Director of Instruction at the time. “They had a vision of our golf academy as a whole. It was a total solution, and V1 was a true partner on this project with continuous communication even on phone calls and Zoom calls.” Denton’s finished golf academy now features the latest version of V1 Pro software, a high-powered three-camera system (right and left face-on views plus a down-the-line angle), custom-calibrating light to eliminate flickering and exposure issues, the V1 Pressure Mat, and multiple flatscreen monitors for instant feedback.

V1’s Professional golf facility evaluations are highly personalized and specific to each project. For 26 years, V1 Sports has helped more than 1,000 golf studios and a growing number of baseball facilities plan, design, and build state-of-the-art studio bays and performance centers. Combined with V1’s premier video analysis software and mobile apps, its golf performance centers have powered millions of lessons around the world. 

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