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SuperSpeed Golf, PRGR announce HS-130A model

Building on the success of the original HS-120A Launch Monitor, Japanese equipment manufacturer PRGR announces their new 2021 HS-130A model in cooperation with top speed training aid SuperSpeed Golf.

PRGR has been a prominent Japanese club manufacturer since the 1980s. SuperSpeed launched its line of Overspeed training aids in 2014 and quickly rose to one of the leading training aids in golf.

Launch monitors have become an essential tool for golfers to quantify their practice and play. Previously reserved for the top end professional golfer and coaches, technology has become much more accessible and affordable. This year’s HS-130A model packs a punch for accuracy and price. Offering measurements of club head speed with and without ball contact, ball speed, smash factor, carry distance, and total distance, it retails at $229.99.

New HS-130A features:
Those familiar with the previous model will notice a similar pocket size footprint, making it one of the smallest launch monitors on the market. The display is now slightly larger to accommodate 4 metrics shown at once in higher resolution.

Technology upgrades
To aid the user experience, the HS-130A includes a higher quality processor as well as a faster dual Doppler radar sensor. Combined with new launch algorithms, this creates more precise and consistent readings throughout the bag.