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Colin Montgomerie partners with Imagine Golf to launch 7-day audio course on the mental game

  • Seven-Day audio course will debut during the 2021 Ryder Cup week
  • Lessons include Montgomerie’s drills for increased focus and alertness that helped him become a Hall of Fame golfer
  • Montgomerie shares how he can save golfers up to six shots per round by thinking better about their game

Ryder Cup legend Colin Montgomerie is joining forces with the Imagine Golf app to launch a seven-day audio course on the mental game. Montomerie, a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and eight-time Ryder Cup participant for Europe, boasts one of the best playing records in Ryder Cup history. Now, on the eve of the 2021 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits, the former European team captain and player is partnering with Imagine Golf to teach a week-long audio course for golfers seeking to lower their scores through an improved mental game.

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Montgomerie’s seven-day audio course will be available for listening to Imagine Golf subscribers starting Sunday September 19th. His audio lessons will include the drills he uses to focus and stay alert on the golf course and will be accompanied by stories and examples from his Hall of Fame career. Montgomerie’s audio course will also feature his method for saving golfers strokes on the course and why he believes mental toughness always determines the outcome of the Ryder Cup.

To access the Colin Montgomerie audio course, golfers can download the Imagine Golf app in the App Store or Google Play, create an account, and start a journey towards lower scores through improved thinking on and off the course. Montgomerie, an advocate for mental game coaching, said, “To play good golf you first have to believe you will play good golf. It's about commitment, confidence, and belief. If any of those are negative you can forget going low. These lessons will help you believe.”

The eight time European Tour Order of Merit winner adds that, “I’m thrilled to share my experiences and tips on how to think better on the course. Imagine Golf is the best tool available today for golfers seeking to sharpen their mental game and I’m confident these lessons will help people shoot lower scores.”

The Imagine Golf app has experienced rapid user growth since it’s launch in 2019. To date, over 300,000 golfers have downloaded the app and its community of subscribers grows more and more by the day. Imagine Golf Founder Malcolm Scovil says, “We are incredibly excited to welcome one of the greatest Ryder Cup players of all time - Colin Montgomerie - to our stable of Imagine Golf instructors. His record as a player and captain in the world’s most pressure packed matches are proof that a strong mental game can carry the day. I have no doubt that our subscribers will find his lessons in the app to be immensely helpful for lowering their scores.”

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About Imagine Golf
Modern golfers don’t have time to practice much less read instructional books, so Imagine Golf developed an app that offers short daily audio lessons which will help you sharpen your mental game, think better on the course, and lower your scores in 3 minutes a day or less.

The Imagine Golf team believes that every golfer who wants to improve should be able to do so according to their own schedule and budget. They understand what it feels like to be stuck at your current handicap and not see a path to lower scores which is why they developed an app that provides simple and convenient audio lessons which will make you a better golfer.

Don’t delay becoming a better player because of your busy schedule and budget constraints. Download the Imagine Golf app today and start shooting lower scores with a stronger mental game. In the meantime you can read from the thousands of 5 star customer reviews written by golfers who are already playing better with our mental game guidance. Stop hoping for lower scores and choose instead to dedicate 3 minutes a day to becoming the golfer you’ve always hoped you could be.

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