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SuperSpeed Golf announces partnership with the No. 1 ground reaction force training aid in golf

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SuperSpeed Golf, the #1 OverSpeed Training Aid on the market, announced today that they have partnered with The Force Pedal to add their arsenal of training products aimed at increasing a golfer's swing speed.

The Force Pedal is a unique training aid designed to help you increase club head speed by training ground reaction force and developing new neuro-physiological patterns. Using the ground efficiently is a major key in producing club head speed. The Force Pedal provides the best feedback to train point of force application and timing of ground reaction forces.

After years of utilizing homemade methods that weren’t sufficiently mimicking the proper proprioception and spring-like feel from the ground, including a half cut tennis ball, the Force Pedal was developed with it’s unique patented hexagon shape. Available in two different thicknesses, each Force Pedal will give you the feel of using the ground properly. SuperSpeed in collaboration with The Force Pedal has created a specialty speed training program combining both products available here.

Mike Adams - World Golf Hall of Fame Best Golf Teachers and #2 Top 50 Golf Digest Best Teachers had this to say about the Force Pedal. “ The Force Pedal guides and trains you how to use your lower body in the golf swing. I have never seen a teaching product that got better results for the student than the force pedal. Get a force pedal today and start hitting the longest shots of your life.”