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FlightScope set to launch new Mevo+ Pro package, an add-on option for its award-winning Mevo+ tracking radar that offers even more performance data, featuring the complete D-Plane dataset

D-Plane dataset includes club path, face to path, angle of attack, vertical swing plane, dynamic loft, spin loft and low point. These features are currently only available on professional launch monitors priced at $15k and above; FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology makes it possible for Mevo+ to offer more data parameters. Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar and synchronized image processing, giving Mevo+ users the best of both technologies.

(ORLANDO – October 26, 2021) – In its ongoing pursuit of adding value, FlightScope, the global leader in tracking and analyzing sports performance data, announced today the upcoming launch of its FlightScope Mevo+ Pro Package add-on option for its Mevo+ tracking radar. 

The Mevo+ is an advanced indoor and outdoor tracking radar and golf simulator that offers 16 data parameters, golf course simulation, and customizable skills challenges. The Mevo+ is a popular product in the launch monitor and simulator space and offers customers an accurate tracking device for practice and entertainment sessions.

The FlightScope Mevo+ Pro Package is an exciting new add-on option for existing and new Mevo+ users. The Mevo+ Pro Package offers 11 additional data parameters to the 16 data parameters offered by Mevo+. Mevo+ currently retails for $1,999, and existing and new users can purchase the Mevo+ Pro Package add-on option for an additional $1,000. Especially attractive for Mevo+ owners is that after paying for the Pro Package add-on option, there are no additional annual subscription or license fees.



“With the launch of the FlightScope Mevo+ Pro Package, golfers, instructors, coaches, and club fitters can now access an incredible amount of performance data at a price point never seen before in the industry for a launch monitor that offers so much information,” said Henri Johnson, FlightScope Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our number one goal is always to add value for our customers who trust our products to improve their games, teaching or fitting. One of the big things we have learned from listening to customer feedback is that they want more club and ball performance data in an affordable and portable package. The Mevo+ Pro Package add-on option offers unmatched accuracy and will continue to help players at all levels.” 


FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology, which had previously only been available in their top-of-the-line X3 model, will now be available for all Mevo+ units. This combination of 3D Doppler radar tracking and synchronized image processing equates to more accurate performance data, which makes it suitable for teaching professionals, players and club fitters.


The 16 data parameters that come loaded with Mevo+ are: carry distance, ball speed, club head speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, spin loft, angle of attack, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, lateral landing, roll distance, total distance, shot type, apex height and flight time 


With the Mevo+ Pro Package add-on option, golfers will gain access to 11 additional performance data parameters that enables them to take their practice, instruction, and club fitting sessions to the next level. The newly added data points constitute the entire club D-plane dataset, namely: club path, face to path, face to target, vertical swing plane, horizontal swing plane, low point, dynamic loft, and curve, as well as additional bonus data like: club speed profile, club acceleration profile, and ball vertical decent angle. 


FlightScope is the industry leader and pioneer in tracking and analyzing sports performance data. Its products represent the pinnacle of tracking technology, enabling players and coaches to measure and analyze every aspect of performance data with unmatched accuracy.  


Mevo+ users have three different software options to utilize. The FS Golf App is used for practice and game improvement and includes data, ball flight trajectories, swing video capabilities and more. The FS Skills app allows users to play FlightScope combines or create their own customized skills challenges. All Mevo+ units come out of the box with ownership of five E6 Connect iOS simulation golf courses. It is also integrated with other golf course simulation software options. This gives access to more golf courses and PC compatibility for all integrated simulation software. Mevo+ is a portable indoors and outdoors golf tracking radar that does not charge burdensome subscription or license fees.


Two-time Masters Champion, Bubba Watson says of Mevo+: “Golf is fun for me and Mevo+ is an incredible product that makes the game fun for everyone from professionals to someone holding the club for the first time. Mevo+ does it all, you’re welcome.”


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With accurate, performance-driven technology, FlightScope transforms the way the game of golf is analyzed and how players pursue game improvement. The company’s renowned products are trusted by a large and growing number of TOUR players and top teachers, including teachers like George Gankas, Mike Schy and Andrew Park, and touring professionals like Bryson DeChambeau, Bubba Watson, Hideki Matsuyama, Bernhard Langer and Davis Love III. 


About FlightScope 

The industry leader and pioneer in tracking and analyzing sports performance data, FlightScope was founded in 1989 when its proprietary technology was originally used to track projectiles for the defense industry. Turning its attention to the world of sports, it has pioneered a variety of innovations to help improve athletic performance in multiple sports categories, including golf, tennis, baseball, softball, cricket, athletics and more to come.   


Among the groundbreaking inventions it has designed and engineered are: the world's first autonomous cricket bowling speed radar (1992), the first 3D Doppler radar in golf (2000), the first accurate tennis serve speed radar (2001), the first 3D Doppler radar for golf simulators – called “FlightScope TBox” (2002), the first 3D Doppler radar for golf driving ranges – called “FlightScope The Game,” which included game software and in-bay TV monitors (2003). Additionally, FlightScope was the first to launch a portable wireless tracking radar and also the first to integrate 3D Doppler tracking into television broadcasts, as showcased at the 2004 Nedbank Golf Challenge and Battle at the Bridges exhibition match.  


Renowned for accuracy and ease-of-use, FlightScope products represent the pinnacle of tracking technology, enabling players and coaches to measure and analyze every aspect of performance with unmatched accuracy.  


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