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Golfforever launches first-of-its-kind golf training aid

Product bridges fitness with weighted club technology and expert instruction for safe, effective golf training

(ASPEN, Colo.)GOLFFOREVER — the doctor-designed digital fitness program helping golfers of all ages to play better golf longer and avoid pain – has announced the pre-sale launch of its revolutionary new golf training aid. 

Designed to answer the broken concept of training aids that force your body into unnatural positions and can do more harm than good, the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is the first product to combine asymmetrical bar training with weighted club technology and guided instruction to help you increase mobility, balance and clubhead speed safely. It creates a new category of golf training aids, with interchangeable at-home and on-the-course uses, and is backed by an ever-growing library of personalized warmups, flexibility routines and strength workouts using the Swing Trainer in the GOLFFOREVER program.

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“The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is a natural extension of our program,” said Dr. Jeremy James, GOLFFOREVER Founder and CEO. “It targets all parts of your core, helping you build a strong, golf-optimized body with improved mobility that enables you to generate more clubhead speed in your golf swing. And it’s all brought to life by our easy-to-follow videos in the GOLFFOREVER program that are given to users depending on their body’s specific needs.”

A distinguishing feature of the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is its Quick-Interchange System and D3 Swing Weight. Co-developed by GOLFFOREVER Managing Director Jon Levy and GOLFFOREVER trainer Pete Holman, Levy says the added versatility makes this product one you’ll take with you everywhere.

“In addition to refining its cord-driven training functions, we went to great lengths to create a weighted warmup club that has the same dynamic feel of your driver while also providing an option for heavier, overloaded speed training,” said Levy. “We’ve effectively created the ultimate at-home training device which, with a simple click of a button, you can turn into the ideal heavy club to warm up with before you play.”

The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer’s multiuse design and dedicated programs within the GOLFFOREVER app will continue to be a key focus of the company moving forward.

“This is a training aid that is going to be so valuable to everybody who owns it,” said Justin Leonard, PGA Tour Winner and co-creator of GOLFFOREVER. “Its effect on your body is immediately noticeable, and as opposed to other training aids that can put you at risk of injury, this tool not only gives you more clubhead speed but does it while helping you build a healthy body for years to come. It’s going to go with me everywhere.”

The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is available for pre-sale orders now directly through the company’s website. Customers who purchase the product for $199 during the pre-sale will also receive a three-month subscription to GOLFFOREVER. 

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Product Inclusions:
– Multi-use 44.5-inch training bar – Standard quick-interchange weighted ball (green) for warming up; 2.5x heavier than a driver; D3 Swing Weight – Heavier quick-interchange weighted ball (gray) for overloaded speed training – Durable, 15-pound Latex training cord with Nylon safety sleeve – Two power grade soft, sweat-resistant 15-inch rubber grips with five specialized training zone demarcations – Easy-to-attach, three-in-one training bar fitment for weighted balls and training cord – Two easy-to-attach polymer carabiners

– Premium carry bag

– Universal Nylon door anchor

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GOLFFOREVER was founded in Aspen, Colorado in 2019 by Dr. Jeremy James, a leading specialist in chronic back pain and co-author of the Younger Next Year Back Book, and co-created by 12-Time PGA Tour winner, Justin Leonard. GOLFFOREVER is an online physical training program designed to optimize your body for the unnatural rigors of the golf swing and to avoid pain and injury. GOLFFOREVER’s research-based program is completely customizable to golfers of all ages, skills and levels of fitness. For more information go to or download the new mobile application on the Apple Store for IOS or Google Play for Android.

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