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Precision Pro Golf unveils ACE Smart Speaker

Innovative technology combined with high-quality audio creates functional and entertaining package

(CINCINNATI) Precision Pro Golf  – a technology company that creates innovative products to help golfers of all skill levels enjoy the game more – unveils the ACE Smart Speaker, a ground-breaking entry into the portable Bluetooth speaker category that combines proprietary MYSLOPE™ technology with high-end audio capabilities to create the ideal accessory for the golf course and beyond.

The ACE ($149.99), which stands for Audio Caddie Experience, does not require players to look at or use their phones during a round of golf. Instead, data is seamlessly relayed via Bluetooth from the Precision Pro Golf app (iOS and Android). Beyond providing standard and slope adjusted distances (which accounts for elevation differences between the player and their target), the ACE will also display and announce yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. The Audio Caddie smoothly vocalizes GPS distances over music, podcasts or other mediums.

While great for golf, the size (8 inches by 3 inches) and quality of the ACE make it ideal for a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing or just hanging out at home. The ACE outperforms competing GPS speakers by providing 18 to 24 hours of battery life and a connection range of up to 50 yards.

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Precision Pro Golf set out to develop a speaker with premium audio quality, but also create a product that helps all golfers have a better and more enjoyable round. Using the Precision Pro Golf app, a player can create personalized layup spots to help them find their favorite distance into the green or avoid dangerous hazards. Further, the unit features what the company jokingly refers to as the “Bababooey Button,” which allows users to activate fun audio celebrations immediately after their playing partner’s swing.  

“The ACE provides the best of both worlds to users by offering great sound and an unmatched level of functionality,” says Clay Hood, CEO of Precision Pro Golf. “This isn’t just another Bluetooth speaker that provides music and GPS distances, it is a tool that will help golfers make better decisions and have a great time on the course.”

Among the key features found in the Ace is Precision Pro’s proprietary new MYSLOPE™ technology. It is the first-ever personalized slope calculation that creates an adjusted distance unique to the player and their environment. With the push of a button the ACE engages the patented MYSLOPE™ algorithm, which combines a player’s unique ball data (launch angle, ball speed, spin rate) with environmental variables (temperature, altitude, humidity, etc.) to both announce and display yardages specific to every player.

MYSLOPE™ was created by Precision Pro’s in-house team of data analysts, who wanted to design a system that was more personal and provided individualized distances to users. The complex algorithm uses weather information from the player’s smartphone, including data on air density, air pressure, altitude, etc. Golfers can also enter their unique ball data into the Precision Pro Golf app or create a profile that draws from the ball flight data of thousands of other users with similar traits. The result is the most personalized distance measurements ever.

Further features of The ACE include:

  • Water Resistant – Provides clear audio that packs a punch and can handle the toughest of weather conditions
  • GPS Distances – Slope-adjusted distances to the front, center, and back of the green displayed on the device
  • Golf Shot Celebrations – Follow up your golfing buddy’s shot, whether it’s good or bad, with common celebrations or shouts that you hear at PGA Tour events. “BABABOOEY!”
  • Personalized Layup Locations – Golfers can use the Precision Pro Golf app to identify hazards and personal layup locations
  • Remote Control – A tiny hand-held remote allows players to be up to 50 years away from the speaker and still control its functions with the click of a button
  • Magnetic Cart Grip – Easily sticks to the cart, clubs or any other metal object
  • Find My Precision Pro – Notifies the golfer when their speaker is missing and reminds them to secure it when the round is over

Established in 2013 by a group of avid golfers who believed too many players were being priced out of the rangefinder market, Precision Pro Golf sets out to design high-quality, attainable alternatives. The brand has continued to bring innovative solutions to the industry for nearly a decade, purposefully avoiding the one-size-fits-all design mentality and instead designing their own products with specific audiences in mind.

Beyond the ACE, Precision Pro offers a variety of rangefinders and accessories, including the popular R1, NX7, NX9 and NX9 Slope models. On all rangefinders, Precision Pro offers free shipping, a 90-day money back guarantee and the only free lifetime battery replacement program in the industry .

Customer service is a hallmark of Precision Pro, as indicated by its Precision Care Package. Beyond the 90-day money back guarantee and free lifetime battery replacement, the company also offers a two-year warranty and guaranteed trade-in allowance, wherein they provide customers a 30% discount for trading in existing Precision Pro Golf product toward the purchase of new ones. 

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Founded by golfers, Precision Pro is a technology company that creates innovative products to help players of all skill levels hit more greens, lower scores and have more fun. Boasting some of the top-rated rangefinders on the market, the company is dedicated to creating products that provide accurate and useful information to help players measure improvement, not just distance. For more information, visit

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