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Educational webinar: Learn how Fieldstone GC achieved 25% growth in golf revenue in 2021!

Fieldstone Golf Course, Michigan, has achieved material results this season, with a 25% growth in golf revenue. This can be attributed to the smart work of Chip Hierlihy, General Manager and his stellar team at Fieldstone Golf course, who implemented Tagmarshal’s optimization technology during their 2021 season.

Fieldstone saw a pandemic induced golf boom in 2020 alongside most of the industry but managed to optimize and make the most of their opportunity with a further 25% increase in green fee revenue added in 2021 for an all-time result. Player experience being paramount in a busy environment, they still managed to achieve massive improvements in their round times, by using the full, real-time line of sight and tools which optimization technology gave them, to manage their field flow effectively and to increase their operational efficiency. This meant that revenue growth was not the only area in which Fieldstone excelled - their player experience has also been transformed, with round times decreasing to 4 hours 13 minutes. 

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“This has been an exceptional season for Fieldstone, and we are so excited for what 2022 holds for us. We look forward to the benefits optimization will bring to our operation, increasing our ability to operate efficiently and generate additional revenue, as well as the positive impact on our player experience,” said Chip Hierlihy, General Manager, Fieldstone.

“We’re extremely proud of what Fieldstone has achieved in their first season partnering with Tagmarshal. They have truly embraced optimization technology and utilized this to their advantage, leveraging their busy season to get the best results, both from a revenue perspective, as well as creating exceptional player experiences for their golfers. We’re proud to partner with Chip Hierlihy and the Fieldstone team and look forward to what lies ahead,” said Bodo Sieber, CEO, Tagmarshal.

Optimization technology has also allowed Fieldstone to implement other advanced strategies, such as applying dynamic goal times and variable pricing, which has had a positive impact on tee sheet capacity and ultimately their golf revenue. But players are the true winners here - with excellent pace and flow of play now being the norm, golfers are assured of a memorable round and now have more time to spend at the facility, enjoying other amenities, such as lunch at the Clubhouse or browsing in the pro shop, further boosting revenue.

Join this Educational webinar with Fieldstone

Learn “How Fieldstone GC has grown golf revenue by 25%, through optimization and improved processes.” This educational webinar will be held today, Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 10am EST. Expert Guest, Chip Hierlihy, General Manager, Fieldstone will be in conversation with Bodo Sieber, CEO, Tagmarshal.

For course operators who would like to find out more about how Fieldstone achieved these great results by implementing new optimization tools and processes, don’t miss out!

If you’re not able to make it, register anyway and the webinar video will be shared via email, after the live event.  

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“Tagmarshal’s focus is on building strong long-term relationships with our partners that deliver bottom line value through continuous improvement, with our courses routinely achieving ROI of $100k to $300k in additional green fees or member gains. We are committed to developing new and innovative optimization technology that meets the challenges of golf operators head on, giving them the tools to succeed,” noted Joey Walters, General Manager, Tagmarshal Head Office, Atlanta.

Tagmarshal partners with private, daily fee, public and resort courses and several golf management groups including over 350 course partners across the globe, 30 of the Top 100 US courses, and many $30-$50 green fee courses.

As market leader in on-course optimization technology, the company provides courses with full, real-time operational oversight and reporting, giving golf operators the tools to manage operations effectively, resulting in enhanced player experience, increased efficiency, cost savings and additional revenue.

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