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SuperSpeed Golf releases new training protocols

Superspeed Golf, creator of golf’s #1 OverSpeed Training Aid, announces the launch of it’s new training protocols. Building on their original speed program, the company is excited to announce an updated and more efficient way to train for speed. The same innovative thinking and passionate pursuit of increasing golfer’s swing speed went into the 2 years of development of the updated training protocols.

The main goal was to improve the efficiency of OverSpeed Training resulting in even greater gains and a better user experience. Another primary objective was to ensure players would easily be able to complete all 5 levels of training protocols with detailed options for those who wanted to take a break without losing their previous results. To accomplish this the training is now structured into 3 separate structured phases: Primary, Maintenance, and Ramp-Up.

To further enhance the results, detailed rest periods and pre round warm up protocols have been added.

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