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Golftec records greatest year in company history in 2021

DENVER, CO – GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf improvement and club fitting, announced today that the company had their best year on record in 2021.

  • Over 175,000 Students chose GOLFTEC to help them with their game. The average improvement of those students was 7 strokes.
  • 31 Coaches were named to the Golf Digest Best Teachers in Every State list
  • Eight GOLFTEC Coaches won PGA Section Awards
  • Opened 12 new Training Centers
  • 30-minute lessons given totaled 1.5 million, compared to 1 million in 2020
  • New students were up 44.2% over 2020
  • Club Fittings were up 39.2% over 2020

Several factors point to the growth GOLFTEC experienced in 2021. In Q1, GOLFTEC launched OptiMotion, a groundbreaking technology that sets a new standard for how golf swings are measured. OptiMotion is powered by custom-built, high-speed HD cameras that capture and record golf swings in 3D. In addition, the GOLFTEC Skills Challenge was launched, which allows Students to set benchmarks based on accurately hitting targets from a variety of distances. Skills Challenges reflect a portion of the increased lessons given in 2021.

GOLFTEC also contributed over $2 million in charitable giving through GOLFTEC Cares, our charitable initiative with a mission to unite communities through golf and drive the game towards greater accessibility, diversity, and long-lasting charitable impact. Organizations GOLFTEC supported in 2021 include the following:

  • Solich Caddy & Leadership Academy
  • Black Girls Golf
  • Notah Begay III Jr. Golf National Championship
  • Colorado Open Golf Foundation

“We are extremely proud of the growth we experienced in 2021, and we look forward to carrying that momentum into 2022,” said GOLFTEC CEO, Joe Assell. “Seeing our numbers up from past years across the board is very encouraging, however, we plan to break those records this year by opening more Training Centers, hiring more Coaches, giving more lessons and increasing our charitable giving. All of this points back to our ongoing mission of helping people play better golf. We want to help the most Students we ever have to play their best golf in 2022. With the talented GOLFTEC Team we have, I am confident we will get that done.”

Since 1995, GOLFTEC’s mission has remained the same—to help people play better golf. The GOLFTEC experience is designed for golfers of all ages and abilities to work with an expert Coach to build a game improvement plan customized to their specific needs and goals. GOLFTEC’s cutting edge training systems, including new OptiMotion, gives our Students and Coaches instant and data-driven feedback. With millions of lessons given and more than 220 locations across the world, GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf instruction.

Media Contact:
Ryan Gager