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CopperTech golf gloves receive high praise from golfers in independent medical clinical field study conducted at multiple Florida golf courses

An independent medical clinical field study conducted by a double board-certified physician affiliated with Orlando Health and the Florida State University College of Medicine, found that golfers wearing CopperTech copper-infused golf gloves during play, experienced significantly reduced pain, soreness, stress and aches in hand and fingers.

“In the years of marketing our innovative USGA Approved glove, we have received countless and unsolicited correspondence from golfers around the world citing lower levels of hand and finger joint stress and soreness, strain and fatigue, and arthritic pain during and after a round or more of golf. Hence, we elected to study if there was such a reduction when our product was used,” explained Lloyd Cohn, CEO and President of Pocketec, Inc., maker of the CopperTech golf glove.

The company worked with a prominent Orlando-based physician who practices Internal Medicine with a focus on Prevention. An avid golfer, he had an interest in helping his patients who experienced chronic arthritis and pain. He was eager to take an unbiased, non-compensated look at determining if there was any clinical validity to the comments of golfers using the CopperTech golf glove.

The medical clinical field study was conducted over a period of approximately three months and included over five dozen female and male golfers ranging from 21-80 years of age at three Orlando-area golf facilities.

Each golfer was asked by either the course’s PGA Professional, General Manager or Pro Shop staff if they wished to participate in a medical clinical field study on behalf of CopperTech golf gloves and, if so, instructed to complete an anonymous multi-page questionnaire after being provided with a CopperTech glove sized for either their left or right hand or in some cases, both. The golfer was to fill-out the questionnaire and return it either after completing one round or several rounds. The questionnaires were collected and delivered to the physician at his Orlando Health office where he compiled the responses and reported the following results:

  • 54% responded that they believed their handicap would improve if they continued to wear the CopperTech golf glove while playing golf
  • 34% responded that their score improved while wearing the CopperTech golf glove
  • 39% thought that they would take less medications as a result of wearing the CopperTech golf glove while playing golf
  • 85% of the respondents would recommend the CopperTech Golf Glove to a friend

The data on symptom improvement indicated to a certainty of greater than 99.9%, study participants who had symptoms of hand joint pain, soreness, reduced flexibility, swelling and fatigue, experienced improvement in those symptoms during their round of golf while playing with a CopperTech golf glove.

These results are a strong indication that the US patented technology used in CopperTech golf gloves is a credible antidote to a condition of which many golfers suffer. “If you’re a golfer, somewhere along the line, those hands are going to start hurting. Fatigue, arthritis, basic muscle ache, whatever – thousands of golf holes over a lifetime – will take their toll. The pain-relief properties of CopperTech’s copper-infused technology, combined with compression fit, help soothe joint, muscle and arthritic pain enabling golfers to play comfortable all year long, noted Cohn.

Each glove is made with form flex technology designed with a unique compression design, so they are one size fits most. The non-slip spider tacky technology allows golfers to grip the club with less tension while improving slip resistance and blood flow in the hands.

“In this study, golfers claimed that the CopperTech glove reduced recovery time of muscles and it wicks away sweat from the body to prevent chafing, rashes and odor. A particularly important benefit here in hot, humid Florida and other warm climate regions,” Cohn said.

The CopperTech line of gloves will be featured at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show (Booth 4535) being held at the Orlando Convention Center from January 25-28, 2022. The gloves come in assorted sizes, colors and designs and may be ordered by accessing

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