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L.A.B. Golf launches Mezz.1: A mid-mallet putter that stays square all by itself


EUGENE, OR -- It’s not too big. Or too small. It goes in the middle. L.A.B. Golf has launched MEZZ.1, a new mid-mallet putter that stays square all by itself.

MEZZ.1 makes it easy for golfers to experience the benefits of the company’s patented Lie Angle Balance technology through the putter’s more traditional shape and a design that allows for a smaller grip. 

“Over the last few years, tens of thousands of golfers around the world have switched to our DF 2.1 and B.2 putters and told us they’re never going back,” said L.A.B. Golf CEO Sam Hahn. “But we’ve also heard from many folks who wanted to try a L.A.B. Golf putter that was somewhere between DF 2.1 and B.2 in terms of size. We’ve launched MEZZ.1 for them.”


MEZZ.1 uses L.A.B. Golf’s most advanced construction. The midsection is fully CNC machined from 303 stainless to enhance feel. The body of the MEZZ.1 is fully CNC milled from a billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum to improve forgiveness.

This multi-material construction offers golfers the feedback of a steel construction with added forgiveness on off-center hits because it’s wrapped in an aluminum chassis.

Every MEZZ.1 putter head is 100% CNC Milled in the United States. The putters are hand-balanced and tested by L.A.B. Golf craftsmen at the company’s headquarters in Eugene, Oregon.

Ten different weights are placed strategically across the bottom half of the putter head to allow L.A.B. Golf Craftsman to optimize the balance and head weight of MEZZ.1 for a wide selection of lie angles and lengths.


MEZZ.1 was designed with the company’s Press II 1.5 Degree Putter Grip in mind, L.A.B. Golf’s smallest grip that pre-sets a golfer's hands directly over the ball at address when paired with MEZZ.1. 

Golfers who prefer for their hands to be in front of the ball at address can choose one of L.A.B. Golf’s 3-degree Press Grip options: either the Press II 3 Degree, the Press 1.L, or the Press OG 3.0.

MEZZ.1 is currently available at, as well as at select PGA Tour SuperStore locations and L.A.B. Golf Retailers.

MAP pricing is $449. Multiple grip options and alignment markings are available at no additional charge.

The stock shaft option is True Temper Stepped Matte in Black. L.A.B. Golf also offers multiple upgrade shaft options from ACCRA, Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT), and LA Golf Shafts.

Rolling a golf ball into a hole shouldn’t be complicated. Yet for golfers around the world, putting is the most challenging part of the game. L.A.B. Golf was created to simplify things. The company believes it’s possible for all golfers to be excited about putting.

L.A.B. Golf putters and its Press Grips are available at, PGA Tour SuperStore, Club Champion, and other fine golf retailers. 

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