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Lean Lock putters — a groundbreaking new design for making more putts — exhibiting at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show, Booth #3711 Inv

Fernandina Beach, FL - Like many golfers, former PGA Tour Pro and Top 30 money winner, Brian Tennyson, spent years frustrated with his inconsistent putting while trying every new putting method that came along. Exasperated and unable to find the solution he needed, he set out to learn why and immersed himself into the physics and mechanics of what the putter head must do during the stroke to make a putt roll true.

That led Tennyson to invent a ground-breaking new putter called LEAN LOCK.  LEAN LOCK will be exhibiting at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show, Booth #3711, in the Inventors Spotlight, and can be found in the New Product Zone and on the indoor putting green by the Equipment Testing Center.

The patent pending LEAN LOCK putter is designed with more forward shaft lean than any other putter in golf.  This unique design element is combined with a slightly rotated grip on the shaft. The positioning of the shaft against the target side (outside) of the leading arm, and the placement of the hands and wrists at address, ensures the wrists cannot break down at impact. Any tendency to do so only strengthens the “locking” effect.   

This method of gripping the putter can only be used with a LEAN LOCK putter.   The grip combined with the fundamentals of the LEAN LOCK method, produces optimal striking conditions at impact and minimizes “operator” error. 

Tennyson knew from playing alongside some of the Tour’s best putters, like Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, and Brad Faxon, they all had different methods but had one thing in common – their putter struck the ball at an ascending angle while moving along the intended start line with a square club face at impact.   

Making it easier to execute those three critical factors - AIM, PATH and ATTACK ANGLE (the “APA”) - are the key elements of the LEAN LOCK putting method and the design of the putter.

“There is a big difference between sinking putts and striking pure putts,” said Tennyson, “If you don’t read the speed and the break correctly, you are unlikely to sink a putt even if your aim and stroke are perfect. I invented the LEAN LOCK putter and method to help golfers strike more putts pure.”

In his concise and detailed book, LEAN LOCK: The Groundbreaking New Method for Making More Putts, Tennyson explains and demonstrates his method for striking putts pure. The book is included FREE with the purchase of every LEAN LOCK putter.      

“Putting is the part of the game requiring the least amount of physical strength, flexibility, or athleticism,” said Tennyson.  “Any golfer, and I mean ANY golfer, has the physical ability to be a good, if not an excellent putter.”

LEAN LOCK mallet and blade putters are currently in stock and available for purchase. To learn more about LEAN LOCK visit, or contact Brian Tennyson at

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