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Stewart Golf introduces full-featured Q Series electric caddie to U.S. market

The Q Follow brings power, stability, compact size to America’s growing number of walking golfers

Gloucester, U.K. (Jan. 25, 2022) - Golfers know, and numerous studies confirm, the benefits of walking. From calories burned and steps counted to improved mental focus and better scores, walking is the most beneficial way to experience a golf course. And the number of walking golfers is growing, fueled by the “pandemic bump” in U.S. golf participation.

But walking can have downsides, from the pain (both physical and aggravation) of hoisting and carrying a golf bag to the ups and downs of rolling terrain.

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A solution to these pitfalls is Stewart Golf’s Q Follow. Already a market leader in Great Britain where it is built—and where caddies, both two-legged and wheeled, are commonplace—the Q Follow is loaded with impressive features and adheres to the most important rules of caddying: show up, keep up, shut up.

Show Up. It’s easy to bring Q Follow wherever you play. When folded it measures just 23.6 x 21.5 x 12.5 inches, making it the most compact follow caddie available—small enough to fit in the trunk of a Porsche and weighing only 31 pounds. Opening it takes just a few seconds, and the Q Follow can be folded with its battery in place.

Keep Up. The all-new SmartPower battery is available in 18-hole and 36-hole models and has enough juice to conquer even the hilliest courses. (The free smartphone app lets you monitor the charge at any time.) Control the caddie’s pace and movements—left, right, forward, reverse—with the rechargeable handset, or press “Follow” and it will accompany you down the fairway. An automatically retracting stabilizer wheel keeps the Q Follow safe and steady over all terrains.

Shut Up. The dual 190-watt electric motors are almost silent.

Q Follow, sometimes known as an electric trolley by the Brits, boasts many other features, including:

  • Microcellular Composite Monocoque Chassis, which means a hard outer skin over a sturdy microscopic honeycomb core, making it lighter and stronger than most other caddies—and gives each unit a unique surface finish
  • Silicone “Jaws” and strap, plus the anti-twist “key” at the base, hold the golf bag securely in place. Works with cart and staff golf bags of all sizes.
  • Soft-Touch handle is designed for maximum grip and comfort when you want to steer the caddie yourself. Handle includes a clip for the handset
  • Integrated carry handle allows lifting Q Follow with one hand
  • Integrated scorecard and pencil holder with magnetic closure
  • The handle is designed to allow you to attach various accessories such as golf ball holder, insulated drinks holder and umbrella holder.

The Q Follow electric caddies start at $2,499. Other models produced by Stewart Golf include the Q Remote, X Series, and R Series (push carts).

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About Stewart Golf
Stewart Golf was founded two decades ago with the sole intention of designing and building the world's finest golf carts. Nestled in the idyllic Cotswolds in southwest Great Britain, every machine is lovingly built by hand. Today, 70% of the golf carts Stewart Golf handbuild at their 10,000sqft headquarters in Great Britain are sent to more than 40 countries worldwide. Clearwater, FL is home of Stewart Golf USA with stock and customer support being provided from there. Stewart Golf is considered the leader in follow technology and have been since 2014 thanks to the X9 Follow and subsequent models since.

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