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PGA of America chooses Technogym as its official training equipment supplier

Providing smart-connected golf-performance equipment and solutions for 28,000 PGA professionals and a broad network of golf enthusiasts

JANUARY 25-28, 2022 – ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA – TECHNOGYM, the world’s leading producer of design and technology-driven smart-connected fitness equipment and the official equipment provider of the past eight editions of the Olympic Games, today announced a multi-year partnership with the PGA of America to further Technogym’s expertise in the golf-performance industry and reinforce its reputation as the world’s best brands in fitness, sports, and golf performance.

It is estimated that 37 million people, in over 140 countries, participate in the game of golf. Golfers at any level will have a significant advantage if they are more physically fit, which is why golf fitness programs have increased in popularity.


As part of the partnership, Technogym has been chosen as the “Official Training Equipment Supplier of the PGA of America” and the “Official Training Equipment Supplier of the PGA Frisco Coaching Center” because of its superior quality and innovation in the golf industry. Fitness centers at both the new Home of the PGA and PGA Frisco Coaching Center in Frisco, Texas will be outfitted with Technogym equipment, while PGA will act as a Wellness Ambassador and promote the Technogym brand and products to its 28,000 PGA Professionals and broad network of golf enthusiasts. Additional elements of the partnership will include digital content collaboration from both partners, creation of Golf Performance educational content and events, and other various marketing initiatives.

Technogym continues to be the leader in the worldwide sports performance industry, providing world-class golf training solutions to the world’s top golfers through its innovative fitness equipment, helping players increase core stability as well as lower body strength and power. Avid golfers and recreational golfers can replicate the best training environment to support their golf performance with Technogym.

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“Technogym has been training champions for the past 30 years, including our legacy as the official equipment supplier to the past eight Olympic Games,” said Marco Zambianchi, President of Technogym North America. “We are very proud to have been chosen by the PGA of America as the Official Equipment Supplier. This partnership represents a strong validation of our ongoing investment in R&D for our products, innovation and quality standards.”

The PGA of America, touching every segment of the $84 billion golf industry, is made up of nearly 28,000 PGA Professionals who represent 10,000+ facilities nationwide in various roles. PGA members have a unique touch point with the 37 million on-course and off-course golfers globally, with the goal of furthering avid and recreational golfers’ love for the game of golf.

“In partnering with Technogym, the PGA of America’s new headquarters and PGA Frisco Coaching Center will feature state-of-the-art training equipment that will benefit golfers on their golf journey, and we have a trusted partner whose technology and quality our Membership can count on to help their students,” said PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh. “As performance training has become a larger part of golf coaching, this was a perfect opportunity for this kind of collaboration.”


To celebrate the partnership, Technogym will showcase its latest equipment in sports and golf performance at the PGA Show in Orlando, Jan. 25-28. Key golf-performance pieces on display at the PGA Show  include:

SKILLMILL™ forces the golfer to be the motor and brakes as the the SKILLMILL™ belt only moves as fast as the golfer can control it. This forces more activity of key muscles in the core and hips, important for injury prevention as well as sports performance. The SKILLMILL™ also applies a magnetic resistance to the belt (MULTIDRIVE technology) to seamlessly allow a transition from traditional cardiovascular training into lower body power training.

The SKILLRUN™ allows for golfers to perform traditional cardiovascular training and instantly transition to lower body power training. It provides the golfer with real time feedback on their running efficiency to maximize their results and minimize lower body overuse injuries, while also allowing for lower body power development without the need for high-risk exercises. Simultaneously, it creates core activation and can be performed in a one-arm, sled-pushing position to create an even higher demand on the core and shoulder complex. The extreme incline features allow golfers to train in a wide range of inclines, helping lower-body strength and power development. It increases the cardiovascular demand of the golfer, while training with up to a -3% decline, simulating the downhill undulations they face on the course. The decline training is great for lower-body strengthening and injury prevention.

Rowing is an excellent form of total-body cardiovascular exercise. The SKILLROW™ is the only indoor rower that applies magnetic resistance (MULTIDRIVE Technology) to seamlessly allow a transition from traditional cardiovascular training into lower-body power training. The rowing stroke is an excellent way to either teach or perform multi-joint hip and back motions such as deadlifts without the need to load the golfer’s spine. The MULTIDRIVE technology allows for strength and power development in the safest manner possible.

The Kinesis® One is the only resistance machine on the market that was designed for rotational athletes. The resistance is user-defined rather than a fixed path, and the anti-gravity technology allows force production to be in the direct pattern of motion without being affected by gravity.

To learn more about Technogym’s Golf Performance Program and the partnership between Technogym and the PGA of America, visit the Technogym booth at the PGA Show (booths 2173 and 2273).

To learn more about Technogym and its full range of products and services, please visit To learn more about the PGA of America, please visit

About Technogym:
Technogym is a world leading brand in products and digital technologies for fitness, sport, and health for wellness. Technogym offers a complete ecosystem of connected smart equipment, digital services, on-demand training experiences and apps that allow every single end-user to access a completely personalized training experience anytime and anywhere: at home, at the gym, on-the-go. Over 50 million people train with Technogym in 80,000 wellness centres and 500,000 private homes world-wide. Technogym has been the Official Supplier to the last eight Olympic Games and it’s the brand of reference for sport champions and celebrities worldwide.

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