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OnCore Golf announces golf coach Alex Riggs as lead instructor on Golf Boost AI platform

BUFFALO, NY – OnCore Golf Technology, Inc. is excited to announce a major upgrade to its patented Golf Boost AI smartphone app.  Alex Riggs, one of Dubai’s most popular golf instructors known for his dynamic teaching style, is contributing golf tips and video instructions for the “at-home golf swing analyzer” which requires no peripherals and can be used on both Android and IOS phones.

Riggs, a certified PGA instructor since 2005 has spent the last 17 training both in-person and virtually for some of the top pros and golfers around the world.

“Golf is an intriguing sport when it comes to instruction. I would recommend to everyone that they take advantage of Golf Boost AI to help diagnosis the major errors and flaws in their golf swing – with or without a club in their hand and at home or at the driving range – anywhere they like – and with the benefit of immediate analysis and instant feedback,” states Alex Riggs. “After your golf swing is analyzed, that’s where I come in!  Golf Boost’s artificial intelligence fast tracks you to a library of golf lessons hosted by me to help improve your swing!”

Golf Boost’s patented artificial intelligence technology compares the user’s body positions, biomechanics, and tempo with an ideal model developed over years with the help of leading PGA instructors.  Personalized corrective analysis, drills, and lessons are then delivered to the user in real-time.  After uploading a swing video, users receive a score from three different categories - tempo, position and power – along with an overall swing rating, recommended tips, and online video instructions specifically matched to their swing.

“OnCore is very pleased to with the direction that Golf Boost AI is headed,” offered Keith Blakely, OnCore Golf CEO. “Not only are we expanding the quality and quantity of our lesson content, but the app will calculate a swing score that is tracked from session to session, providing a graphical presentation of the golfer’s progress over time and provide incentives and rewards as a result.  A number of other exciting enhancements and major names in golf instruction will be introduced in the coming months.”

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Users receive a free seven (7) day trial with subscription options; monthly ($4.99) or yearly ($59.99).

About OnCore Golf Technology, Inc.
OnCore Golf is dedicated to delivering breakthrough technology and innovation while inspiring all golfers to achieve peak performance. The company entered the golf ball industry through development of the first-ever commercially available USGA-conforming hollow metal core ball and has since developed a growing suite of differentiated products that includes the soft low-compression AVANT 55, the award-winning ELIXR tour ball, and the recently introduced top-performing VERO X1 tour ball.  For more information about OnCore Golf, visit  

About Golf Boost AI
Golf Boost AI is the world’s first patented (US 10,373,520)  AI body recognition technology that analyzes a golf swing in seconds without human interface. 

Features of the Golf Boost AI app include:   

  • Artificial intelligence algorithms that trigger a golf lesson in seconds.  
  • Proprietary video recognition technology that identifies body positions from both frontal and down-the-line locations  
  • Instant video feedback and swing analysis.  
  • Engaging social network where users can share and track their progress with other golfers.

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