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NextLinks partners with the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation

Each NextLinks eGolf Arena venue will include Payne Stewart Golf Experiences

SAN DIEGO, CA. – February 8, 2022 – NextLinks, a new revolution in indoor golf, today has partnered with the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation to offer golf programming, instruction, and equipment to younger kids at all NextLinks eGolf Arena venues.

“The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation is an ideal partner for us because they are revolutionizing the way kids learn to play golf with a unique, games-based play program and modified learning equipment in unconventional places,” said NextLinks CEO and Chairman, Dave Shultz. “This is synergistic with our goal of creating a new lifestyle/sport providing the whole family with an engaging experience whether they are kids, beginners, or advanced golfers. We’re thrilled to partner with The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation to introduce more people to the game of golf.”

“We are excited to bring our Payne Stewart Golf Experiences into the NextLinks facilities and applaud the foresight of Dave Shultz to have golfing options for kids and families to play together,” said Dan Anderson, COO/CMO and co-developer of the Foundation. “Through this partnership, we will reach a new audience of young golfers and help make learning golf a fun experience for them.

“Golf is the only sport that traditionally does not use modified equipment and reduced field or court dimensions for kids. The golf learning programs we support are the first and only to combine the use of modified golf equipment and off-course learning locations to give families with kids greater access to the fun of golf without having to purchase their own clubs.”

The Payne Stewart Golf Experience (Camps & Clinics) is a true introductory golf program designed to compete with little kickers soccer, t-ball and other youth sport development programs.  Targeting kids ages 4-9, the games-based play programming and the use of modified golf learning equipment will make it easier for kids to hit the ball and experience early success at the camps and clinics.  By using gymnasiums, parking lots, athletic fields, and now the NextLinks eGolf Arena concept, Payne Stewart Golf Experiences (Camps & Clinics) advance Payne’s vision by creating new golf spaces that give more families with kids the ability to learn and play golf, especially to kids in need and inner-city families.

Kelly McCammon, Founder and CEO of Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation recently joined the NextLinks board of directors. In addition to Shultz and McCammon, the NextLinks board includes world renowned golf course designer Agustín Pizá; one of The Golf Channel’s lead golf analysts Brandel Chamblee; and former CIO of the Dallas Cowboys, Pete Walsh. The NextLinks advisory board includes seed investor Ed Colson, and the iconic trio of former Chairwoman of Fox Broadcasting Company, Lucie Salhany, World Golf Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez, and former Commissioner of the LPGA Charlie Mechem.

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About the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation
The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation, established in 2020, is the fundraising entity behind the Payne Stewart Golf Experiences (Camps & Clinics). These unique programs provide a complete golf learning experience for kids ages 4-9 years old. Using unconventional spaces to bring golf to the masses, the camps and clinics make any gymnasium or soccer field a golf learning center to teach children the fundamentals of both golf and life. For more information about the Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation please visit


About NextLinks Corporation:
NextLinks has developed cutting edge technology and a world class team to take alternative golf experiences to the next level. The company is aiming to expand on its early success with zone-based putting technology and soon introduce the world to “The Golf Court”, while also designing, constructing, and operating at least ten indoor golf stadiums by year end 2025. Always offering an unprecedented player experience, superior technology, and award-winning food and beverage is fundamental to long-term success.

The NextLinks eGolf Arena concept is an indoor golf complex and family-friendly destination designed to grow the game. Each venue will include Payne Stewart Golf Experiences. The indoor golf design provides real shot values that can be challenging or easy as the player wants. The NextLinks eGolf Arena experience can be enjoyed by avid golfers and complete novices alike, growing the game we love with respect to sustainability on all levels; ecologically, socially, and economically.

For more information about NextLinks, please visit the company website:

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