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Improve your golf game and teaching skills from the PGTAA (Professional Golf Teachers Association of America)

At the start of 2020, who could have imagined a worldwide pandemic would lead to an incredible surge of interest in golf around the world. But that’s exactly what’s happened over the last two years and despite the challenges we’ve faced, we’ve also been able to grow and plan on future growth based on this incredible surge of demand for the game we all love.

The need for qualified and certified golf instructors has intensified, especially for teaching women and children.

The best-selling PGTAA Golf Teaching Manual, previously sold out, is now available and in stock in a limited number.

The manual is a collaboration between Dr. Barry Lotz, the PGTAA’s president, and Kirk Jones, both a PGA and PGTAA member, and a Golf Channel Academy coach.

The manual encompasses a simple approach that will change the way golf is taught and learned, now, and in the future.

The growth of the game depends on this logically prioritized approach to hook golfers and potential golfers on this great game. 

Current instructors are constantly seeking a teaching model to improve their own methodology. The PGTAA Golf Teaching Manual provides simple, logical, sequential, duplicable, scientifically validated and effective systems to improve the physical and mental game of golf.

Included in the manual is Dr. Lotz’s exceptionally well accepted book, The Right Mind for Golf, which is found in many a PGA Tour player’s library.

The $99.95 special holiday pricing, normally $149.95, includes shipping within the United States only. International orders are subject to country imposed restrictions by the USPS. UPS is available as an alternate shipping method. Postage will be based on UPS’s tariff.

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