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Club Champion acquires UK-based custom fitter golf principles

North American powerhouse expands across the Atlantic

Willowbrook, IL – North America’s top golf club fitter and builder, Club Champion, has acquired Golf Principles, a custom fitter and builder based in the United Kingdom. This new alignment continues Club Champion’s expansion beyond the borders of the United States, further increasing their footprint and consumer access to Tour-level fittings for all golfers worldwide.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Jason [MacNiven] and his team to the family here at Club Champion,” said Adam Levy, CEO of Club Champion. “Their mission to help golfers play their best aligns perfectly with Club Champion and our goals for the future.”

This will be the first time that Club Champion has branched out beyond the North American continent. Earlier in the year, the brand announced the acquisition of Canadian fitter, Tour Experience Golf (TXG); this was the first step in a now multi-faceted effort to expand across the globe. The intent behind this latest merger is to bolster that expansion plan while simultaneously enhancing the stellar services that Golf Principles currently provides.

“We’ve always admired Club Champion’s mission and methodology,” said MacNiven, founder of Golf Principles. “We’re all working toward the same objective: helping more golfers improve through better fitted equipment. This move puts us in an even better position to achieve that goal and expand our services across the UK.”

MacNiven’s career in club-fitting began when he started working for Callaway in 1996. He quickly amassed over 10,000 hours of experience fitting golfers of all levels – including Colin Montgomerie in his prime – across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. After a lengthy career at TaylorMade, MacNiven founded Golf Principles in 2008 in an effort to bring the best results to every golfer he fits by offering a broad assortment of heads, shafts, and grips from most leading manufacturers. Their main fitting facility is in Basingstoke, however, they branch out frequently via partner clubs to reach other areas of South England. Like Club Champion, they strive to help golfers of any skill level and custom assemble their clients’ clubs via their highly trained builders.

“The partnership just made sense,” said Levy. “Golf Principles’ incredible reputation and similar fitting philosophy made this decision an easy one, and our shared goal of golf improvement is universal.”

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About Club Champion
Club Champion is the USA’s most prominent name in custom club fitting and building services. Established in 2010, there are now more than 90 Club Champion locations nationwide and the company is expanding internationally in 2022. Each studio offers golfers access to over 50 brands and more than 50,000 hittable head and shaft combinations. Club Champion has solidified their position at the top of the industry through comprehensive Tour-level fittings, unrivaled club building, and the use of top-tier technology. The company is headquartered in Willowbrook, IL and is home to close to 400 employees, including hundreds of the most highly trained Master Fitters and Builders in the country. For more information about Club Champion, visit

About Golf Principles
Golf Principles was established in 2008 by PGA professional veteran, Jason MacNiven. His philosophy is deeply rooted in a process which finds the best equipment available for golfers of all levels and swing capabilities throughout the South of England. Golf Principles takes their equipment specifications for each customer and custom assembles their clubs using state-of-the-art machinery. They currently operate out of their studios in Basingstoke, UK and extend their services by fitting at a few partner golf clubs in the greater London area. For more information about Golf Principles, visit

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