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Majors Challenge provides a simplified, flexible platform for fantasy golf leagues

(CHESTER, NEW JERSEY) - Have you ever thought about running your own PGA Tour fantasy golf league? You might have looked into it and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. Too much math. Too many spreadsheets. Too much time.

Dan Pitluk had a similar reaction, but rather than walk away he got busy. The New Jersey native created a platform that simplifies the process for both league commissioners and participants.

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The result is Majors Challenge, the simple and fun way to conduct and compete in golf pools.

“Our goal was to create a process that was simple to understand and utilize, and one that didn’t require much time,” said Pitluk. “That’s what Majors Challenge is. Commissioners choose the type of league they want to set up, and they invite people to participate. Majors Challenge takes care of the rest.”

Several things set Majors Challenge apart from the crowd, one of which is its devotion to golf.

“Our only focus is golf,” said Majors Challenge Director of Business Development Ed Woronicz, a longtime PGA member. “Other sites are pool sites that facilitate contests for various sports. We focus on the sport we know best, so we can deliver the easiest to use, most engaging product to our customers.”

The focus on golf also allows Majors Challenge lineup to bypass salaries and other annoying rules that are a staple on competing sites. All you need to do is pick your team of players, it’s as simple as that!

“We divide the field into four groups of players based on world rankings,” said Pitluk. “Participants simply field their team of choice, choosing a specific number of players from each group. It’s that easy.”

For instance, many PGA Club Professionals will conduct leagues for their members, charging an entry fee and then offering merchandise as prizes. Or associations will conduct leagues, setting aside a portion of the entry fee for a charity or fund-raiser. There is an additional setup fee for these types of leagues.

Endless possibilities, flexible facilitation, and ease of use all contribute to adding extra fun watching weekly PGA Tour events.  It’s all part of the Majors Challenge game plan.

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