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OnCore Golf names Gabe & Abes’s Golf as the exclusive Canadian distributor

(SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN)OnCore Golf Technology, the Buffalo, New York-based golf ball and technology company, has announced an exclusive partnership with Gabe & Abe’s Golf.

A leading Canadian golf distributor, Gabe & Abe’s Golf will carry OnCore Golf’s award-winning three-ball suite of golf balls; AVANT 55, ELIXR™ and VERO X1.

The partnership flourished between OnCore Golf and Gabe & Abe’s as both parties plan to expand OnCore Golf’s Canadian footprint and brand awareness among the “most diehard golfers in the world,” Canadian golfers.

Founders of Gabe & Abe’s Golf are two seasoned P.G.A. of Canada Golf Professionals – Brian Gabrush and Abe Buckle. Together, Gabrush (23 years) and Buckle (45 years) have nearly 70 years of experience as P.G.A of Canada Golf Professionals.

“We are excited to expand OnCore Golf’s footprint up North and utilizing the knowledge and experience of both Brian and Abe,” says Steve Coulton, co-founder OnCore Golf. “Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, we have a very loyal fan base in Canada. Providing (logistically) all Canadian golfers an opportunity to save money on international shipping and taxes is a game-changer for everyone.”

Gabe’s & Abe’s Golf strategy is to price OnCore Golf’s golf balls – the AVANT 55, ELIXR and VERO X1 aggressively compared to the traditional “OEM” golf ball brands. This strategy will create a “no-brainer” effect for Canadian golf courses to stock OnCore Golf’s proprietary, perimeter-weighted balls.

“We’ve been blown away by the technological innovation behind OnCore’s three-ball suite of golf balls and the performance benefits for golfers of all skill levels,” says Buckle. “With a design and engineering team lead by legendary John Calabria, the brains behind many of the most successful golf balls in the game’s history, we believe OnCore is positioned for exponential growth in the Canadian market.”

Gabe and Abe’s Golf have secured nine independent sales reps to promote the OnCore Golf brand at Canadian green grass accounts. The reps will have stock on-hand to immediately supply the golf courses with the product, anticipating significant sell-through at golf shops throughout the country.

The reps for the Canadian golf market are as follows:

British Columbia North

1 rep to be announced shortly

British Columbia South

1 rep to be announced shortly

Alberta North

1 rep to be announced shortly

Alberta South

1 rep to be announced shortly

Saskatchewan/Manitoba & The Lake Head

Ted Hanlon

Ontario East & North

Roy Holdsworth

Ontario West & Niagara Region

Glen Smith


Jean-Marc Tourangeau


Troy Howe


 About OnCore Golf Technology
One of the most disruptive golf technology companies of the past decade, OnCore Golf Technology delivers breakthrough products that help improve the on-course performance of golfers worldwide. Anchored by proprietary perimeter-weighting and high moment of inertia technology, its AVANT 55, ELIXR, and VERO X1 balls have captivated communities of golfers from beginners to elite players. OnCore Golf is also pioneering the leading artificial intelligence-based golf instruction app – Golf Boost AI - as well as introducing innovative designs for futuristic golf entertainment centers. The company’s management team includes executives who’ve led several of the highest-profile global golf brands in R&D, operations, manufacturing and marketing roles.

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