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April, the Masters, the start to the golf equipment season

For those lucky enough to live or spend winters in the southern climate, the golf season never really ends.  In the darkest days of winter, between January and the end of March, the most significant changes to the game for warm weather golfers are all the extra people trying to get a tee time at your favorite golf course.  In those markets, balls, clubs, bags, shoes, gloves, distance devices and apparel continue to sell briskly, however in the less temperate climes there are no tee times to enjoy, and sales of golf products slow dramatically, lying low like spring flowers just below the surface, ready to “pop” at the first sign of warm weather.

For golfers, early April has become synonymous with improving weather and a trip down Magnolia Lane, at least virtually or thru the power of broadcast TV.  It’s also the time when golf product sales explode.

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The Masters typically kickstarts the golf season, and it’s now upon us.  Even if the weather hasn’t totally flipped from cold to warm everywhere, the worst of winter is clearly behind us, and the “itch” to pick up a club, to make swings, to practice, to play, and to buy new equipment, infects most golfers in the north.  Rising from their hibernation, it’s time to test out the new “move” as well as look at what new product can help them hit it further or lower their handicap.

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Based upon Golf Datatech Retail Sales data, the first three months of the year typically represent about 17% of total year sales, rising sharply to 36% for the second quarter.  The Spring Effect isn’t equal across all product categories, but interest rises significantly in April.

Given the short supply of many leading products, April of 2022 is not the time to procrastinate.  Any golfer who is thinking about new clubs or shoes will likely want to move quickly.  And stocking up on your favorite brand of golf balls or gloves isn’t a bad idea either, as they may not be in stock later this year.

April, Augusta, and new equipment…they go hand in hand.


Golf Datatech was established in 1995, and since that time it has become the industry’s gold standard for accurate and timely information on retail sales, inventory, pricing, and distribution of golf products through the on and off course channels. In 1998, the company extended its reach into consumer research, strategic sales, and marketing consulting. In 2006, the Company expanded its retail and consumer research programs into the United Kingdom and in 2008 added markets in Europe. Golf Datatech now produces the first-ever digitally driven golf retail sales reports for the US, UK, Sweden, France, and Germany


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