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Leading training aid purveyor announces partnerships with innovative brands

West Palm Beach, FL –, home of the world's largest selection of golf teaching and practice aids, recently added to its unrivaled selection of premium golf feedback products in its online marketplace.

Headlining the latest additions to are offerings by Lag Shot Golf, Tour Aim, and the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer. Golf Training Aids president John Diulus reports brisk sales and a motivation for the company to continue its mission to be the leading curator of game improvement for golfers of every skill level.

“A recent National Golf Foundation report said 6.2 million beginning golfers have taken up the sport over the past two years,” says Diulus. “Those new golfers, along with longtime avid players and those who have returned to the game during the pandemic, have indicated an incredible willingness to practice and spend time improving their games. That’s why we take pride in presenting the finest and widest selection of golf training products for golfers and teachers who are passionate about better golf performance. The newest products on are innovative, useful and built to improve your game.”


GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is the first product to combine fitness and golf with interactive instruction, so golfers build strength and clubhead speed safely. The GOLFFOREVER training system provides both an at-home training tool and weighted warmup club — all powered by world-class, step-by-step video routines in the GOLFFOREVER program.

The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is also the first golf training aid to seamlessly integrate with the most sophisticated golf fitness app in existence, utilizing hundreds of customized, doctor-designed videos and a team of top PGA Tour trainers and physical therapists that teaches golfers how to use the Swing Trainer and build a golf-optimized, pain-free body so they play without limits.


Lag Shot Golf Lag Shot is an expertly-designed, standard-length golf club (available in 7 Iron, Driver and Wedge models) with a highly flexible shaft that golfers can actually hit balls with and ingrain a smooth transition. Using Lag Shot, with its weighted clubhead and hyper-flexible shaft, enables golfers to store power, create significant lag effortlessly, and transfer more energy directly to the back of the ball with a square clubface and ideal club path. Golfers will learn to generate more lag automatically and make confident swings with ideal tempo and timing by using Lag Shot. Tour Aim A multi-use alignment tool that helps golfers focus on their intended target on each shot with the confidence that their clubs and bodies are properly aligned, Tour Aim is an indispensable practice tool. Tour Aim, along with strategically placed alignment rods, can be used for full shots as well as putts and in addition to precision alignment, it can also be used to help golfers practice swinging on the proper plane. Tour Aim was created with the sole focus of making practicing golf more effective and efficient. By focusing on Aim and Alignment, golfers will go to the course and know they are properly aimed and aligned on every shot.


“We are constantly networking and testing golf training aids and teaching feedback devices to make every golfer’s most trusted source for practice and game improvement tools. We’re excited for golfers to try GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer, Lag Shot and Tour Aim and we’re looking forward to announcing partnerships with more breakthrough products and companies,” Diulus says.


Golf Training Aids' online marketplace - - offers the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids. Founded by PGA Master Professional Dr. Gary Wiren in 1984, the brand brings an unprecedented wealth of golf knowledge and experience to this "one stop shop" for golf training solutions. The expertly curated selection of feedback devices, training tools and golf improvement aids is designed to be a comprehensive game improvement offering representing the best of the best in developmental golf products available.

In 2022, will begin to feature an increasing amount of instructional and how-to video content, to help connect golfers with game-improvement solutions exactly suited to help specific weaknesses in their games.

Dr. Wiren is a golf educator, a Master member of the PGA of America, and a former national PGA staff director. He has written or participated in the writing of 250+ magazine articles and 14 books. His popular, award-winning When Golf Is a Ball was named “best golf book in the year 2004.” He has 13 film credits, four videos on the market including the award-winning The Fascinating World of Golf, and has taught privately, in groups, at seminars and stage performances, to more than 250,000 people in 30 countries.

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