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Majors Challenge is the perfect golf pool platform for exciting 2022 PGA Championship

(CHESTER, NEW JERSEY) – Things are heating up for the PGA Championship, golf’s second major of the season, making this a great time to conduct a fantasy golf pool via Majors Challenge.

It appears two of golf’s most popular players, Tiger Woods and defending champion Phil Mickelson, will be competing at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa May 19-22. With the controversy surrounding Mickelson and the electric atmosphere that Woods brings to every tournament he enters, an already important and popular event will reach new heights of excitement.

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Why not join in the action? Whether you are the head professional at a golf club, leader of your course’s golf association, or simply someone wishing to compete against your buddies, setting up a golf pool has never been easier.

Majors Challenge is the simple and fun way to conduct and compete in golf pools. You choose any combination of tournaments you wish to run a golf pool for, and Majors Challenge does the rest. Your last step, once your account is setup, is to send an invitation out to prospective players. Those who sign up will visit your Majors Challenge page, choose their 12-player team, and track their team’s performance with up-to-the-minute results on the LIVE leaderboard throughout the tournament. It’s that easy!

“This year’s PGA Championship promises to be among the most memorable tournaments on the PGA Tour this season,” said Dan Pitluk, creator of the platform. “Everyone will be captivated by not only a major championship, but one that brings several fascinating side stories with it.”

Several things set Majors Challenge apart from other sites, one of which is its golf-only offering.

“Our only focus is golf,” said Majors Challenge Director of Business Development Ed Woronicz, a longtime PGA member. “Other sites are pool sites that facilitate contests for various sports. We focus on the sport we know best, so we can deliver the highest quality product to our customers.”

Another feature is that Majors Challenge team selection does not involve maximum salaries like most other sites do. In fact, there are no salaries at all.

“We divide the field into four groups of players based on world rankings,” said Pitluk. “Participants simply field their team of choice, choosing a specific number of players from each group. It’s that easy.”

Commissioners determine what the prizes will be for the league. Participants can play for cash, gifts - or just bragging rights. Many Club Professionals conduct leagues for their members, charge an entry fee and then offer merchandise from their Pro Shop as prizes, or they will set aside a portion of the entry fees for a charity or a fund-raiser.

Possibility, flexibility, and simplicity. It is all part of the Majors Challenge game plan.

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