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Ace Indoor Golf named first U.S. distributor of innovative PuttView interactive putting green systems

Toledo, OH – Ace Indoor Golf, the industry leader in home golf simulator hardware, design, consultation and installations, is proud to be named the first United States distributor of the state-of-the-art, innovative and interactive PuttView putting greens.

PuttView is a cutting-edge, Augmented-Reality-based system that turns greens into an interactive learning platform. It delivers unprecedented visual feedback, designed to optimize every phase of putting: teaching, learning, practicing, and playing for fun and competition. From large-scale commercial putting greens, creative custom designs to pre-designed models for businesses, academies and home use, PuttView’s patented combination of data-tracking, feedback software, visual projection of all putting data parameters and expertly built putting surfaces unites the art and science of putting for new levels of learning and entertainment.


“Bringing the U.S. market PuttView’s breakthrough technology and exciting array of interactive putting green products – that are already a huge hit all across the world – is a huge honor,” says Trevor Faust, president of Ace Indoor Golf, the industry’s leading golf simulator installer and manufacturer of simulator screen, sewn components and enclosures. “PuttView can be a perfect solution for indoor golf businesses and home installations. Especially for entertainment and instruction venues where the putting green is an underutilized asset. Puttview’s software, data and graphics bring every putt to life and create incredible engagement and monetization opportunities for data- and feedback-driven lessons, plus hours of fun with all the unique games and challenges.”

For more than 15 years, Ace Indoor Golf has designed, sold and installed more than 1,000 commercial and residential simulators, and has brought its vast experience to the growing “Do-It-Yourself” market. Ace offers a value-added approach in which knowledge, design and service are individual for every client. Ace’s experts are there with customers during every step of the process.


PuttView’s line of interactive putting greens includes the 60-square-foot Home Series, the Professional Series (with designs ranging from 90 to 220 square feet), and Custom Greens up to 540 square feet. PuttView is also available for a range of multi-adjustable Moving Greens up to 300 square feet. Each green is built with natural-flowing contours for a variety of breaking putts and data-rich feedback on every putt through PuttView’s ball-tracking software and projection system. The PuttView team can also add its software and projection technology to existing putting green installations to help business owners better monetize their indoor golf spaces.

“Ace Indoor Golf brings together years of experience with performance golf technology and high-end commercial and residential golf buildouts,” says PuttView Founder and Managing Director Christoph Pregizer. “Just as with PuttView, their top priority is on delivering great products as well as a seamless experience from initial contact to the installation and beyond. We are extremely excited to partner with the team at Ace Indoor Golf to expand on our distribution channels in North America. We are confident that our partnership with Ace Indoor will be crucial in bringing PuttView to even more customers in the United States.”


Ace Indoor Golf can now provide its indoor golf consumers Puttview consultations and installations as a dependable dealer who works with customers at every phase of the buying experience: from the consultation, sales, design, installation and even service of the simulator hardware and housing.

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PuttView has reinvented the way golfers practice putting. Founded by golfers, engineers and lateral thinkers, PuttView provides businesses, consumers and recreational golfers award-winning solutions for game improvement, gaming and instant feedback on every phase of every putt.  With immersive Augmented Reality technology, PuttView's putting green products bring an unprecedented dimension to putting, whether you're putting to improve or to have fun or compete with friends. PuttView's scalable and customizable putting green solutions are an ideal fit for indoor golf facilities, golf academies and in-home solutions. The innovative PuttView System projects every critical datapoint, break and contour on every putt onto the surface of the PuttView green to help golfers and instructors improve distance control, green reading, speed, face angle and putting path. Learn more at


Ace Indoor Golf is unsurpassed in the golf industry when it comes to building, designing and installing golf simulator hardware and technology. Having recently launched Gimme Simulators as an expert turnkey sales and service solution for consumers or businesses looking to create the ultimate indoor golf experience, Ace brings its clients more than two decades of expertise in simulator builds and installations.

The company founders have installed more than 1,000 simulators in both the commercial and residential markets. By representing multiple manufacturers, Ace Indoor Golf and Gimme Simulators can customize products to meet customers’ specific demands.

Gimme Simulators provides best-in-class custom-built screens, enclosures, hitting mats and accessories for the golf business’s top simulator brands, retailers and teaching, fitting and entertainment companies.

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