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deWiz wearble tech adds PGA of Germany as latest coaching partnership

deWiz’s new wearable tech revolutionizes golf instruction by delivering easily accessible swing data and instant feedback

August 1, 2022 - (Munich, Germany and Malmö, Sweden): deWiz and the PGA of Germany announced a multi-year partnership, which showcases deWiz’s revolutionary technology across one of Europe’s most prominent golf instruction organizations. deWiz is a new wearable tech training aid that seamlessly delivers a comprehensive layer of swing data in real time and instant feedback that is unprecedented for golf instruction by using neuroscience and haptic feedback via an electric pulse.

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“As more golf coaches across the LPGA Professionals, PGA of Sweden and now PGA of Germany are introduced to deWiz’s capabilities, we continue to gain traction as they better understand the capabilities and competitive edge deWiz provides golfers. Launch monitors revolutionized golf instruction by providing data-centric insight into impact and ball flight, and deWiz is now adding a new layer of swing data that helps diagnosis the cause and is unlike any other technology on the market. We are eager to work with the PGA of Germany to educate their members on this new progressive and tech-focused approach to golf instruction and onboard more instructors into our newly launched Coaches Program,” said Laszlo Varga, CEO, deWiz Golf.

deWiz Golf has caused a sensation among golf professionals worldwide with its product, as it is indeed a completely new approach to training in golf," says Felix Lechner, CEO of Professional Golf AG. "With deWiz Golf, we are proud to have a partner at our side who enriches teaching and coaching with an innovative concept and who can help our members to make their teaching and training even better, more effective and more varied."

As a Partner of the PGA of Germany, deWiz will be provide a series of educational webinars, Facebook Live events and onboarding resources to more than 2,000 PGA of Germany members.

DEWIZ COACHES PROGRAM: Partnerships with the LPGA Professionals, PGA of Germany, and PGA of Sweden, as well as working directly with hundreds of certified golf professionals, are paving the way as deWiz is increasingly adopted across the global teaching industry. The deWiz Coaches Program provides teaching professionals an innovative new approach to coaching by providing students actionable, real-time data that they can take from the lesson and apply to their own practice, seamlessly monitoring their progress between lessons. The deWiz Coaches Program benefits program includes affiliate revshare programs, access to advance data and dedicated onboarding services for certified golf instructors.  To learn more: deWiz Coaches Program or email

DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS, TESTED BY PROS: Under development for more than five years, deWiz tracks the exact position of a golfer's hands throughout the swing, providing a 3D analysis and delivering data via a user-friendly app that helps any serious golfer or world-class player more consistently hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer, as well as learn faster with deWiz’s patented Learning Stimuli™. The deWiz Global Ambassadors roster currently includes Bryson DeChambeau, U.S. Open champion from 2020; Annika Sörenstam, 10-time major-champion; Vijay Singh, 3-time major-champion; 2016 Open-champion Henrik Stenson; 2021 U.S. Women’s Open champion Yuka Saso; 2019 Houston Open-champion Lanto Griffin; 2-time world champion in long drive, Tim Burke, and former PGA of America National Teacher of the Year Martin Hall. To access videos on all deWiz’s groundbreaking features, instructional webinars, and ambassador testimonials, please visit deWiz’s YouTube Channel.

BUZZWORTHY TECH: Debuting last summer, deWiz’s introduction has already created a “buzz” with it being described by Forbes as looking to bring a “jolt to the golf training aid market;” profiled in Sweden’s leading financial media, Dagens Industri; featured within On the Mark Podcast with Mark Immelman; and showcased by Global Golf Post, Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice, and Business Insider. Additionally, profiled how Vijay Singh’s uses deWiz to lengthen his backswing, Annika Sörenstam’s uses deWiz to monitor her tempo and Yuka Saso uses deWiz to dial in her wedge game.

ABOUT DEWIZ GOLF: As a Swedish developed and produced product, deWiz is focused on its mission to help golfers around the world increase their enjoyment of the game through innovative technology that increases their pace of learning. Developed in Malmö by co-founders Markus Westerberg (PGA Professional, Ljunghusen Golfklubb) and Christian Bergh, deWiz is now produced in Lund, Sweden. deWiz is available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea (more markets are opening regularly - visit the site for the latest updates). Visit for more information on how to consistently hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer or download the free demo app to explore its pioneering swing data via the Apple App Store or Google Play.


ABOUT THE PGA OF GERMANY: Founded in 1927, the PGA of Germany is the professional association for golf in Germany and has united all those who have made golf their profession under its umbrella for almost 100 years. Until now, these were mainly teachers and players, i.e. golf instructors and tour players. With the PGA Business Division installed in 2022, the PGA of Germany is now the association and network of all professionals of the golf business. The PGA of Germany is established in the national as well as the international golf market, maintains close relations with the other golf associations, helps shape the golf market and represents the global PGA brand in German-speaking countries with great success. Its tasks primarily include the training of golf instructors and their professional representation; it also organises German championships. Worldwide, the PGA of Germany with its more than 2051 members is highly recognised as the second largest PGA in Europe. The training system is one of the best in the world and is the ideal basis for a career in the golf market in general. With over 40 partner companies from and also outside the golf industry, the PGA of Germany has established itself as a major player in the German golf and sports market (

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