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Balls and wedges push ahead in July


The retail sales numbers have now been released for durables, clubs and distance devices for July 2022.  Total golf equipment sales were less than 1% below July 2021 and 51% ahead of pre-pandemic 2019 levels

Total July 2022 US Equipment Market (On-Off Course)

On-Off Course July ’22 vs ’21: Dollars -0.9%
On-Off Course July ’22 vs ’19: Dollars +51.0%

On-Off Course YTD ’22 vs ’21: Dollars -4.7%
On-Off Course YTD ’22 vs ’19: Dollars +40.3%

On a Year-to-Date basis, 2022 is down 4.7% vs. ’21

Golf balls were the big winner in consumables for the month, up 12%, benefitting from some good weather and improved availability of product.  While wedges led the durables side of the business, also improving by close to 12%, riding the wave of new products.

Woods, which are one of the largest product categories, tumbled by 13% for the month, however sales remain 35% ahead of 2019 levels.


On the latest sales figures, Golf Datatech co-founder John Krzynowek said, “Total equipment held up pretty well considering the size of the comps from 2021, when the market was absolutely booming.  While hard goods struggled a bit this month, consumables benefitted from positive weather patterns and improved availability of product.  

With 7 months down and 5 to go, total 2022 equipment sales trail last year by less than 5%, while we continue to be over 40% ahead of pre-pandemic levels.  While much of the increase from 2019 is due to higher selling prices, demand in units has remained healthy, and thus far golf equipment sales have evaded the impact of rampant inflation”.