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Malcolm DeMille celebrates Railway History with CP Women’s Open

Canadian Pacific resumed the CP women’s Open Pro-Am after a brief hiatus. They turned to the team at Malcolm DeMille for a truly one-of-a-kind money clip and ball marker for the participants. Celebrating over 140 years of shaping cross continental freight and travel Canadian Pacific wanted this year’s gifts to be a more literal look at their company and a meld of art and industry.

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The sculpted polished nickel money clip features a realistic rendition of a Canadian Pacific Railway train that has been lightly antiqued to bring out the fine details. A magnetic brass ball marker featuring the CP Women’s Open logo sits atop the train money clip allowing for the money clip recipients to utilize the gift in multiple ways.

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The team at Malcolm DeMille truly appreciates the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open for believing in us, letting us express our creative juices, and allowing us to create a gift that is sure to stop one in their tracks.

For your next tournament or special event, partner with Malcolm DeMille to help create your vision for a memorable prize.  Whether you want a modern or traditional design, Malcolm will work his magic to exceed your expectations. See more work at, and contact us for all your gift and award needs.

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