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Winner of Korn Ferry Tour Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship looks dapper in Whiskers shoelaces

(DELRAY BEACH, Fla.) –  The winner of Korn Ferry TOUR Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship in Columbus, Ohio looked dapper sporting Whiskers premium, golf-specific shoelaces en route to a two-shot victory.

Dressing up black shoes with Whiskers black-white braided laces coordinated stylishly with his black pants, light-blue shirt, black hat with white logo and black belt.  The white braid in the laces added a touch of color splash to his wardrobe.

Whiskers -- Red-White-Blue Pattern Photo.png

On any given tournament week, more than 75 Korn Ferry and PGA TOUR players and caddies sport Whiskers laces.  The extensive list of Whiskers devotees comprises major winners, Ryder Cup players and superstars of all ages.  More than 10,000 Tour rounds have been played in Whiskers laces in 2022, including a host of Top 10 finishers.  Whiskers is also gaining traction on the LPGA TOUR.

Players match Whiskers laces’ colors and patterns to their shirts, hats, belts and shoes.  Re-lacing golf shoes often takes less than three minutes and Whiskers’ Tour representative is on-site at tournaments to seamlessly assist.  Whiskers’ Made-in-the-U.S.A. products are fit for classic shoes like FootJoy and athletic styles from adidas, ECCO, Nike and other brands.

Many Tour events promote weekend “pink-outs,” “white-outs” and “yellow-outs” where players and caddies wear those Whiskers’ colors during rounds.  The company’s “Stand With Ukraine” program has Tour players sporting yellow and blue laces – colors of the country’s flag – to help promote Whiskers donating all profits from sales of those colors to Save the Children Ukraine and the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

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“Tour players tell us that looking good gives them extra confidence to score low,” says Kyle Groth, CEO of Whiskers.  “Colorful laces promote self-expression with classy and subtle color pops that grab attention without being too loud.”

Mirroring Tour players is a movement of amateur golfers who purchase their Whiskers laces online and in pro shops, and receive them as unique golf tournament and outing gifts.

Whiskers boasts more than 70 colors and patterns, including relatively new turquoise, mint green, Vegas gold, guava and lavender, as well as neon laces in blue, green, orange, pink and yellow hues.  They join popular solid laces in navy, Carolina blue, pink and red.  Navy-light blue, orange-white, berry-black, green-blue and purple-pink are top-selling patterns.

In addition to golf laces, Whiskers designs and manufactures laces specifically for dress and casual shoes, sneakers and boots.  They coordinate in style and color with trendy footwear and apparel brands, are crafted with ultra-durable poly-nylon tech weave and high-grade aglets, and come in multiple styles, shapes and lengths.

Whiskers is re-imagining a category that’s been long overlooked for decades yet is now an essential part of premium wardrobes.  Personalizing and dressing up shoes in fashionable and fun ways mirrors today’s “individualism” frenzy.

About Whiskers
Founded in 2018 and based in Delray Beach, Florida, Whiskers designs, manufactures and sells premium, bespoke and on-trend shoelaces a la carte.  The company, led by serial entrepreneurs and veterans of Nike and Crocs, is rallying off a growing behavior of self-expression, color pops and Made-in-the-USA preference.  Disrupting status quo ordinary shoelaces at regular shops, drug stores, supermarkets and in new shoes, Whiskers boasts more than 70 colors and patterns for men’s and women’s sneakers, casual and dress shoes, boots and golf shoes.  Made of ultra-durable poly-nylon weave with an appropriate amount of stretch, high-grade aglets withstand tough conditions and are slim wrapped to fit skinny eyelets.  Retailers and online shoppers find Whiskers’ upscale, eye-catching packaging of colorful laces on sustainable, wooden spools extremely attractive.  At $15 for one pair, $40 for a set of three and $60 for a set of five, Whiskers is affordable luxury.  The company also manufactures socks in colors and designs matching the laces.

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