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Malcolm DeMille makes Bridgewater Club’s iconic bridge into eye-catching awards

The First Call- MDI Photo Template

Impressed by the sculptural trophies created by Malcolm DeMille, The Bridgewater Club approached Malcolm DeMille about creating some unique awards for their events. Wanting a trophy that reflected the prestige of the club and created a buzz among participants, it was decided the Club’s iconic bridge would make the perfect award.

The First Call- MDI Photo Template

For Bridgewater Club’s Member-Member trophy Malcolm DeMille sculpted an antique bronze replica of the Club’s bridge. Standing at 9”x 4.5”x 2” tall the beautifully crafted bridge highlights details from the brick walls to the lattice work rails, and is attached to a black wood base featuring a satin brass nameplate.

The First Call- MDI Photo Template

For the “Battle for the Bridge” award, Bridgewater Club wanted to highlight their historic bridge once-again, but in an alternative way, so each event had its own unique look. The team at Malcolm DeMille crafted a 2-dimensional bronze bridge and made it the focal point of a brushed, stainless steel oval tray creating a modern trophy with the essence of a classic sculpture.

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“Play. Win. Remember.” For your next tournament or special event, partner with Malcolm DeMille to help create your vision for a memorable prize.  Whether you want a modern or traditional design, Malcolm will work his magic to exceed your expectations. See more work at, and contact us for all your gift and award needs.


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