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Mackenzie Hughes shares ties with trophy sculptor Malcolm DeMille

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Mackenzie Hughes, the Winner of the 2022 Sanderson Farms Championship has a similar background to Malcolm DeMille, the designer of his new Sanderson Farms Championship trophy.  Both Mackenzie Hughes and Malcolm DeMille were born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and moved to the United States. Malcolm left at a young age with his family to California, where he set up shop with his team of artisan sculptors and jewelers. While Mackenzie Hughes moved when he started college at Kent State and started on TOUR. Both retain family ties to the Hamilton area.

Malcolm and his team of Jewelers and Sculptors want to congratulate MacKenzie on his fantastic play down the stretch and in the playoff to seal is second PGA Tour victory!  We hope he has a special place to display his one-of-a-kind replica of Reveille the Sanderson Farms Championship rooster.

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