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GolfForever launches strategic partnership with Invited

Leading golf fitness brand to provide education, tools, and training products to an esteemed network of golf clubs nationwide

Aspen, ColoradoGOLFFOREVER, the industry-leading at-home golf fitness training system that helps golfers play without limits, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Invited (the company formerly known as ClubCorp), the largest owner-operator of private clubs in the world with more than 200 golf, city, and stadium clubs across the country.


Invited will offer special access to the 4.9 App Store-rated GOLFFOREVER app and GOLFFOREVER training and recovery products, such as the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer, in 12 premier golf and country clubs before expanding into additional Invited clubs nationwide. These pilot clubs will also feature GOLFFOREVER warm-up and post-round recovery stations, as well as workout stations in their gyms. All will prominently feature the Swing Trainer, which pairs the first-ever multi-use golf fitness and warm-up tool with video-streaming routines for flexibility, speed, power, and recovery in the GOLFFOREVER app. Additionally, Invited teaching pros, club fitters, and trainers will integrate GOLFFOREVER into their lessons, fittings, and training sessions.


“We’re honored for this incredible opportunity to impact the fitness, performance, and longevity of Invited Club members on and off the golf course,” says Stacy Borkowski, GOLFFOREVER VP of Sales. “Invited clubs represent some of the most engaged golfers in the country, and our training system will raise their level of play and enjoyment of golf more than ever. Ultimately, in addition to helping improve members’ flexibility, power, and ability to stay pain-free, our alignment with Invited’s forward-thinking leadership is about improving lives, which is at the core of their mission and ours.”


GOLFFOREVER is the first golf-specific home training program to embrace the approach of home exercise equipment paired with streaming video instruction from the world’s leading experts in golf performance and pain relief. GOLFFOREVER customizes each golfer’s exercise routines specifically for them, based on a proprietary strength and flexibility test. It is safe and highly effective for any golfer.


The Invited-GOLFFOREVER relationship, in addition to two visionary businesses aligning philosophically, has an authentic connection that’s personally impacted Invited CEO, David Pillsbury. In recent weeks, Pillsbury was referred to GOLFFOREVER’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Dr. Troy Van Biezen, for relief of sciatic pain, which he had unsuccessfully sought from several other sources. Van Biezen, who is also a PGA Tour performance coach and trainer to Scottie Scheffler, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Ryan Palmer, and other professional athletes, quickly observed Pillsbury had pelvis misalignment, hip instability and limited hip and mid back rotation which was causing extreme stress on his low back and enough pain to affect his daily activities and sleep. So, he treated Pillsbury and encouraged the use of GOLFFOREVER to address the issue. To Pillsbury’s amazement, he was soon hitting balls at the range and sleeping completely pain-free.   

“The fact that David was able to experience the benefits of our program firsthand has been a great way for Invited to envision just how much we can positively impact the lives of their membership,” Van Biezen says. “It’s exciting to think of how many more golfers we can help through this relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re Scottie Scheffler on the PGA Tour or the average golfer looking for some extra yards and playing without pain. GOLFFOREVER helps your body turn and move more easily in your swing, and you’ll play better because of it.”

“GOLFFOREVER is truly a game-changer and has helped me immeasurably,” said Invited CEO David Pillsbury. “The mobile app is completely intuitive, and the exercise content is designed for on-the-go people who don’t have time to spend hours in the gym every day. We are excited to add GOLFFOREVER to our comprehensive health and wellness offering to help our members play better and more often.”

Scheffler, the 2021-22 PGA Tour Player of the Year who is one of over 100 PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions, and LPGA Tour pros using GOLFFOREVER, started working with the groundbreaking Swing Trainer weeks before winning four PGA Tour events, including the Masters, which catapulted him to World No. 1. The Swing Trainer is a first-of-its-kind golf training tool that combines a patent-pending cord-driven asymmetrical training bar with an interchangeable D3 Swing Weighted heavy warmup club. Both uses are powered by hundreds of warm-up, flexibility, and strength-building routines in the GOLFFOREVER app.

About Invited (formerly ClubCorp)
Since its founding in 1957, Dallas-based Invited has operated with the mission of Building Relationships and Enriching Lives®. The leading owner-operator of private golf and country clubs, city, and stadium clubs in North America, Invited is relentless in its pursuit of providing extraordinary experiences, meaningful connections, shared passions, and memorable moments for its more than 400,000 members. The company’s mission is supported by 20,000 peak-season employees and a portfolio of 200 owned or operated golf and country clubs, city clubs, sports clubs, stadium clubs in 29 states, and seven BigShots Golf locations. Invited creates communities and a lifestyle through its championship golf courses, workspaces, handcrafted cuisine, resort-style pools, tennis and pickleball facilities, golf lounges, fitness centers, and pioneering programming. Learn more at

Marquee Invited properties include: Firestone Country Club (Akron, Ohio); Mission Hills Country Club (Rancho Mirage, California); The Woodlands Country Club (Houston, Texas); and The Metropolitan Club (Chicago, Illinois). 


GOLFFOREVER is a comprehensive, smart at-home training system that takes a science-based approach to maximize golfers’ performance by improving flexibility, core strength, balance, and rotational power. The first golf-specific home training program to embrace the approach of home exercise equipment paired with streaming instruction, GOLFFOREVER takes it one step further by customizing each golfer’s exercise routines just for them, based on a proprietary strength and flexibility test users take when starting. The result is a product and program that is safe and highly effective for any golfer. With exercise routines designed by some of the top PGA Tour trainers and orthopedic experts in the U.S., GOLFFOREVER users can expect to swing and perform their best – with a pain-free body – for as long as they play the game. It is used by more than 100 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players and thousands of everyday golfers alike. Founded in Aspen, Colorado, in 2019 by Dr. Jeremy James, a leading specialist in chronic back pain and co-author of the Younger Next Year Back Book, GOLFFOREVER is the ideal companion to expert golf instruction. For more information, go to or download the new mobile application on the Apple Store for IOS or Google Play for Android.

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