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OnCore Golf, FANS XR and establish collaboration to bring state-of-the-art fan engagement technology to golf

(BUFFALO, N.Y.) - A new generation of golf experiences is coming and it’s something that traditional broadcasters and fans will wish they had yesterday.

Marking a new era in fan engagement and consumer analytics, FansXR, and OnCore Golf are joining forces to brings unique, immersive, tech-driven golf experiences to the market.  The first planned offering will allow users to become the directors of their own online golf event broadcasts, utilizing online content feed but delivered with incredibly rich enhancements and options.   Employing state-of-the-art 360 cameras, 5G streaming, proprietary servers, edge computing, AI-based image capture and graphics creation technologies, users will have an opportunity to participate virtually in events around the world controlling camera feeds and angles, viewing player, team, course, and environmental data, and even allowing for online wagering in real-time.


OnCore Golf CEO Keith Blakely had this to say:  “Golf continues to evolve and we’re very excited to launch this partnership bringing disruptive capabilities to the market.  The pace of technology adoption has accelerated and the interest in golf among younger consumers demands new approaches to the golf experience – in person, virtually, online, or through conventional media.  OnCore has a track record of innovation and our partnership with FansXR and metaFORE will merge a number of disruptive technologies to assist golfers to improve their game, participate in virtual and real-world tournaments, and take full advantage of future Web 3.0 innovations.”

In 2021, there were 66.6 million registered and nonmember golfers worldwide who played nine or 18 holes of golf. Additionally, there were 12.4 million who participated exclusively in off-course activities like driving ranges, indoor golf simulators, or golf entertainment venues like Topgolf and Drive Shack.   And while the game of golf has seen an unprecedented increase in participation in recent years, televised golf viewership has not experienced the same growth.  There appears to be a clear need for more audience interaction and engagement – something that this collaboration is capable of providing.

Matt Coleman, CEO of FansXR says, “We are excited to launch these new types of experiences and especially target the casual golfer looking for ways to increase the fun and excitement of their golf experiences as well as becoming  more engaged and involved in viewing golf events.  Our “second screen” broadcast technology offers total control of the viewing experience and can provide data, commentary, community involvement, and even wagering to the consumer.  We have seen this work in other sporting and entertainment events and look forward to expanding it into the world of golf.”

CEO Of Zaq Smith added:, “ is very pleased to be participating in reimagining the game of golf.  By creating photo-realistic assets from the world's most sought-after golf courses using LiDAR technology, bringing token-gated loyalty and reward experiences to users, and developing incredible new skills-based games.  We plan to introduce a tournament series for both individual and team play at the beginning of 2023 – for both real world and metaverse participation.”

Golf is changing.  Get ready.

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About Oncore Golf Technology:
One of the most disruptive golf technology companies of the past decade, OnCore Golf Technology delivers breakthrough products that help improve the on-course performance of golfers worldwide. Anchored by proprietary perimeter-weighting and high moment of inertia technology, its AVANT 55, ELIXR, VERO X1 and VERO X2 balls have captivated communities of golfers from beginners to elite players. OnCore Golf is also pioneering the leading artificial intelligence-based golf instruction app – Golf Boost AI - as well as introducing innovative designs for futuristic golf entertainment centers. The company’s management team includes executives who’ve led several of the highest-profile global golf brands in R&D, operations, manufacturing and marketing roles.  For more information go to:

About has developed considerable expertise in creating incredibly unique, immersive golf experiences utilizing the seemingly limitless power of WEB3. From GameFi (play to earn) projects to community driven DApps, tech infused green grass tournaments to token gated VR country clubs, metaFORE has positioned themselves to be the new standard of the golf gaming industry.

About FansXR:
FansXR is a disruptor in the broadcast media sector having created a set of unique technology capabilities delivering an Extended Reality streaming platform that is distributed to any digital device or Metaverse portal. The company has created an immersive media player that enables real time consumer engagement that has multiple features including but not limited to, gamification such as polling, predictions, betting, live chat, and instant camera selection. In sports fans become their own director and create their own point of view in 360 video and activate live overlays including sports statistics, scoring, player by player comparison and more.

Our solution enhances viewership especially targeting the younger generation with XR personalized experiences by putting the real world into the Metaverse or Web based experiences.For more information contact: or go to

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