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GolfForever welcomes golf industry icon/Taco Bell CEO Mark King to its advisory board

Aspen, ColoradoGOLFFOREVER, the industry-leading at-home golf fitness training system that helps golfers play without limits, is pleased to announce golf industry veteran Mark King has joined the company’s newly-formed Board of Advisors. Before being appointed to his current role as Chief Executive Officer at Taco Bell (a division of Yum! Brands), King served as president of adidas North America from 2014-18. Under his leadership, adidas market share doubled in under three years and sales tripled in four years. 

While there, King cultivated new energy for the company’s culture while doubling the number of employees and seeing an industry-shattering retention rate, the highest employee net promoter score in the company and more than 500,000 job applications in one year. The GOLFFOREVER team is enthusiastic to have his collaboration and guidance as the brand continues to undergo rapid growth. 

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“Mark King is the ultimate visionary leader and golf industry disruptor, so it is with great privilege and excitement that we welcome him as a key member of our board of advisors,” says Bear Kaminer, GOLFFOREVER President and Chief Operating Officer. “Mark’s expertise in growing and scaling companies with innovative offerings in the marketplace will be invaluable as we expand our foothold in the industry.”

Over the past year, GOLFFOREVER has experienced massive growth since launching its groundbreaking Swing Trainer and solidifying key partnerships with bedrock golf industry institutions and leading golf retailers. It brought on World No. 1 golfer and reigning Masters champion Scottie Scheffler as an official brand ambassador and has made a significant impact on tour with more than 100 PGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions and LPGA Tour pros using the GOLFFOREVER Training System. With its 4.9 App Store-rated app – the video-driven engine delivering users personalized daily workout and recovery plans from top PGA Tour doctors and trainers – and other training and recovery products launching soon, GOLFFOREVER is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory over the next six to 12 months.


“GOLFFOREVER has the magical combination of a proven, breakthrough product that benefits a wide collection of athletes and a smart, seasoned team dedicated to building the brand while helping the everyday golfer,” King says. “I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and work on something that can bring pure and lasting benefit to everyone.”Prior to adidas, King spent 34 years at TaylorMade, quickly rising from a territory sales representative to president of TaylorMade in 1999 and CEO in 2002. During his tenure as president and CEO, TaylorMade became the leading and most profitable golf company in the world, catapulting the business from $300 to more than $1.85 billion in sales.

GOLFFOREVER is the first golf-specific home training program to embrace the approach of home exercise equipment paired with streaming video instruction from the world’s leading experts in golf performance and pain relief. GOLFFOREVER customizes each golfer’s exercise routines specifically for them, based on a proprietary strength and flexibility test. It is safe and highly effective for any golfer.


Scheffler, the 2021-22 PGA Tour Player of the Year, started working with the Swing Trainer weeks before winning four PGA Tour events, including the Masters, which catapulted him to become the top-ranked player in the world. The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer embodies three golf training tools in one and is a key piece of equipment used in the GOLFFOREVER app. It’s an asymmetrical resistance training bar that builds strength and mobility for your swing at home. It’s a premium exercise band with handles and two resistance options for versatile training and stretching. It’s also a heavy warmup club optimized to a D3 Swing Weight that promotes thoracic mobility to loosen up at the course properly. Like every piece of equipment used in the app, the Swing Trainer comes to life with hundreds of step-by-step pre-round warmups, stretching routines, strength workouts and pain-relief protocols.


GOLFFOREVER is a comprehensive, smart at-home training system that takes a science-based approach to maximizing golfers’ performance by improving flexibility, core strength, balance and rotational power. The first golf-specific home training program to embrace the approach of home exercise equipment paired with streaming instruction, GOLFFOREVER takes it one step further by customizing each golfer’s exercise routines just for them, based on a proprietary strength and flexibility test users take when starting. The result is a product and program that is safe and highly effective for any golfer. With exercise routines designed by some of the top PGA Tour trainers and orthopedic experts in the U.S., GOLFFOREVER users can expect to swing and perform their best – with a pain-free body – for as long as they play the game. It is used by more than 100 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players, and thousands of everyday golfers alike. Founded in Aspen, Colorado in 2019 by Dr. Jeremy James, a leading specialist in chronic back pain and co-author of the Younger Next Year Back Book, GOLFFOREVER is the ideal companion to expert golf instruction. For more information go to or download the new mobile application on the Apple Store for IOS or Google Play for Android.

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