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Positive signs for golf equipment despite slow sales

The retail sales data for September 2022 shows that sales of golf equipment were down over 7% for the month of September, and are now down 1.8% on a YTD basis.

Balls and Gloves were the only categories with sales improvements vs. 2021, up 4% and 5% respectively.

The biggest declining category was irons, which fell by over 20%.

Said Golf Datatech found John Krzynowek, “In total, this was the third largest September since Golf Datatech started projecting sales data (1997), so while slowing sales is never good news, we are still in a much better place than at any time prior to pandemic.

Irons sales in September fell significantly as backorders from purchases made earlier this year were finally assembled and shipped, while wood sales have been slow all year.

At the same time, consumable items like balls and gloves, which are more closely aligned with playing levels, enjoyed another positive month in September”

US September 2022 Total Retail Sales-Equipment

Total On-Off Course September ’22 vs. ’21:  Dollars           -7.3%
Total On-Off Course September YTD ’22 vs. ’21: Dollars    -1.8%
Total On-Off Course September ’22 vs. ’19:  Dollars         +35.2%
Total On-Off Course September YTD ’22 vs. ’19: Dollars   +39.3%